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Teeth Advice (Urgent)

Hi everybody, if you can please be kind and give me some advice for my teeth, that will be much
appreciated. I attached both camera photos and X-Ray images here (very detailed):


Please let me know which tooth is main priority to fix first, to prevent it causing pain. Right now I’m not
experiencing urgent pain yet, however I need to be very careful with how I eat. I am only eating from
the left side of my mouth, because if I use the right side one of the teeth may hurt.

A while ago my dentist mentioned my right side has a tooth that needs to be pulled/ removed, which I
believe will cost a lot, so I won’t fix that one yet, since as long as I don’t use right side of my mouth, it
doesn’t cause pain for now. What do you suggest is my next top priority tooth, judging from the pictures
I shared?

I am on a very tight budget, only have a few hundred dollars (Canadian currency) to pick one tooth. I
need to have best strategy on how to use this budget carefully. Is there some very basic/ temporary fix I
can get?

Since I am only using the left side of my mouth to eat, I am constantly worried those teeth will wear out/
deteriorate much faster, as a few of those existing teeth are already not in the best shape.

If I can only afford a few hundred dollars per month (Canadian currency), what would be your best
strategy to maintaining/ fixing my current teeth, to prevent pain from happening, according to priority?

Please include name of suggested methods (e.g. temporary filling, root canal, crown, etc.), and/ or
estimated price, if possible, as I don’t know about dentistry. Thanks so much
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Other than a good dentist, no one has the best solution to your problem.
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Nice Information, this is really usefull.
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