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What is making my left front implant ache?

I fell breaking both front teeth. After both front teeth were bonded by an emergency dentist, the left front ached and was sore to bite with.  Days later, the emergency dentist said the left front tooth needed a root canal.  After the root canal, the tooth continued to ache up into the roof of my mouth under left nostril and was sore to bite with.  An endodontist said the root canal didn't take and did a second root canal.  That didn't solve the aching, so he did a third root canal which also didn't solve the aching and sore to bite with.  An oral surgeon said an implant was needed.  The implant was placed and my dentist put on the crown.  I waited 2 weeks after receiving the crown before biting with the left front tooth. The biting resulted in the same aching and soreness.  HELP!!!  I broke the tooth 11 months ago.  What else could be wrong??????
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If clinical and radiographic exam don’t reveal structural pathology, you may be suffering from non -odontogenic toothache. Seeing an orofacial pain specialist is advised if your oral surgeon can’t solve your dental pain.
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