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Hi ,
I am facing a lot more problems with my teeth due to dental cavity.
1) At first my one teeth got cavity and was treated with root canal.
2) At the same time one more with was filled with cement.
3) At a year or so, that teeth decayed and was removed by dentist.
after removal a fixed cap was put on it. for putting fixed cap , he drilled its neighboring teeth to half.
4) Now the teeth near the root canal one is fractured. so this one is under root canal treatment.
5) Dentist says remaining three more teeth are to be filled up for cavity.

Please guide on what is to be done and is that I have landed with more than 8 teeth damaged.
Also please guide to at least save the remaining ones.
Can i eat drink the same way after these root canal.
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Sounds a bit complicated.. My aunt has just been to Hungary at the empireclinic, me i will also go in June, we sent them a panoramic x-ray, they checked it for free of charge and sent us a treatment plan! I would suggest to do the same, just send them your x-ray and they'll take over!!

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Seeing a competent dentist is advised.
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