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leaking teeth?

After a root canal 1+ yrs ago on #18 I have had this leaking on the left side of my mouth. The symptoms vary. Sometimes there is so much fluid I have chocked while sleeping. The leaking cause me to suck on it with my tongue so that my teeth are sore. I have consent bad breath.  I have never used so many mints and gum. the taste is just disgusting. (NOT metallic) All this occurs on the left side of my mouth. This keeps me up at night or wakes me because my breath is so nasty tasting. I am not getting any real answers. One dentist has replaces  a few of the silvers. but I still have two on each side of the mouth left. The cap has been shaved down because the bottom ridge was sticking out. A 3rd dentist is going to file the inside lower portion to lessen the ridge. I have seen a 3 dentist and 2 ENTs. ENT says it could be sinus but on just on one side? I can not take this bad taste & lack of sleep. It's just starting to wear on my mental state.  No one is sure if the root canal is the issue or something else. I use a sensitive toothpaste, take vit D, and started using Biotene. Full disclosure I have some episodes of GERD, and migraines, 51yo, female. Any suggestions? If I had a clear answer of what to do or why this was happening it would be of great relief to me.
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Any idea where this leaking is coming from besides from the left side?  Any swelling in the cheek area?  Does it get worse during mealtime?  

I'm guessing it may be an infected parotid salivary gland?  That may explain why its leaking only on one side as its only one infected gland.  If there's pus buildup in there, instead of having saliva made, it makes pus instead.  
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I think we need your more descriptive query to come up with an adequate answer. As Jerome said, is leaking area other than left side. Get consultation of your dentist on parotid gland. Is the gland get infected?
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the leaking seems to come from the upper part on the tongue side of my tooth. and around the lower molar #18. It does seem to increase after eating. But then again, I brush, floss, and mouth wash before bed and about 30mins later(after laying down) the horrible taste is back. My long time dentist didnt have an idea what was going on. And sadly did not seem at all interested in investigating it future. I am hoping the next (new) dentist, who is a section head of dentistry at a major hospital, will help. I will mention the gland and see his thoughts.

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