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severe mouth pain

I am having severe mouth pain since I got all of my teeth pulled back in April of 2008.I have all the signs of TMJ but I am not sure if that is what the problem may be. I also get a sharp pain from the right back side of my head that shoots up to the front right side. please can you tell me how I may ease this pain or what I need to do?
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It appears you are edentulous. If you are wearing full dentures , seeing a prosthodontist to check your denture occlusion is advised. If your physician can not find an organic cause for your pain problem, seeing manipulation therapist such as, osteopath, chiropractor, may help your pain problem.
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You said you have all the signs of TMD...what are your symptoms exactly?  When do they happen?  Does anything appear to set them off?

Either way, I suggest asking your dentist, I can give you information, but only a dentist near you can do anything to help.
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