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teeth grinding

My boyfriend said that i am waking him up every
night with my teeth grinding.......... i have had a very tough
10 years and just the other day i had a piece of tooth fall out
while i was chewing gum.

I was diagnosed with tmj 5 years ago
and my mom had it as well.

she died 10 years ago and i left the love of my life 8 years ago
and still think of him every day ......... do you think all
this stuff i carry with me
is coming out at night
while i sleep ?

What can i do to make this go away ?
at this point i would settle for just better.

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146920 tn?1212087794
thank you

very much
i will look into it
and thanks for sharing your story.
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i am not a doctor,
but a girlfriend of mine had this, too. apart from the sleep deprivation in your boyfriend you should understand that you damage your own teeth, most of all.
you should probably go to the dentist as soon as possible.
my girlfriend got occlusal splints given to her. she had to wear it at night.

it is probably true that there might by psychological reasons for this, which you have to sort out by yourself,
but at least the splints will help you prevent any further damage.
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