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tiny red dots on sot palate a bit on hard

I have had a persistent white tongue and red dots on my soft palate and a bit onto my hard palate for about a month now. I have try nystitan for thrush but I now don't believe I have thrush because my tongue remained white after 2.5 weeks of use and going on the candida diet at the same time.i brush my tongue good day and night and it seems to keep my tongue normalish now, also using apple cidar vinegar. the red spots do not hurt and never turned into ulcers. I do smoke weed daily. also last night for the first time in a month I ate a bag of chips, doritos zesty  and a bunch of cookies, I ended up with a large blood blister on my cheek and I found several small blood blisters towards the back of the cheek and a couple tiny ones on my tongue.
could someone help me I don't know what these dots mean on the roof of my mouth mean? is it herpes? could I just have bad candida and its back again? are the blood blisters from eating the chips and cookies? or is it related to the other mouth problems I am having?
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Use a tongue scraper instead of a brush. Makes a world of a difference. Two weeks isn't long enough to cure this, especially if you use marijuana. This will be a little longer at resolving but I believe you are on the right treatment. I would eat yogurt with live cultures and use Biotene rinse in a spray bottle to hydrate/moisturize your mouth day and night. Have the dentist look at your blisters to assess the cause. It could be something else that needs treatment. Remember, as long as your creating a dry environment (weed) you will be battling the candida. Consider using a different form of weed, capsules or eating it. Just make sure you're safe, don't want you overdosing. Consult a marijuana-savvy doctor before changing the way you use the marijuana. As for the blisters please call your dentist and have them checked to rule out oral cancer. Good luck.
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