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why do I keep biting my cheek?

My wisdom tooth on the lower right side of my mouth is coming in. I really don't feel any pain from it except the fact that I keep biting my cheek on that side. I can't eat because I bite down on my cheek!! To chew I have to pull my cheek out. It hurts really bad it is sore now due to the fact of how many times I have bitten it. I can't open and close my mouth at all without biting it. Please can someone help me and tell me y this might be? Is my wisdom tooth infected and causing my cheek to swell? I need help thanks!!!!
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Cheek biting is generally caused by insufficient horizontal overlap of posterior teeth, particularly molars.Seeing a dentist to have minor reshaping of posterior teeth is advised.
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omgg i havee the same problem! my wisdom teeth are coming in and i keep biting the left side of my cheek. its like, i cnt eat without biting down on it, or even talk it times. its soo sore, and it cnt even heal because i keep biting it. ugh, someone help!
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My sympathies go out to the others with this problem.  I have three teeth that stick out on the left side and they tend to catch my cheek and bite it or at least just scrape it.

i have figured out in my case that the teeth probably got crowded on that side and were forced outward.  The right side probably didn't acquire the trouble because lost teeth allowed for less crowding.

I have discovered that considerable relief can be gained by quickly rapping on the side of the lower jawbone with the knuckles after a biting incident.  The vibration sooths and speeds healing.  Your results may vary.

Today I did check to confirm that teeth were sticking out toward my left cheek and so I hope to ask the dentist if grinding them down somewhat is an option.  
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everybody stating there problem but no one gave idea's im really in pain.
can anybody help?????????????
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The best option is to remove the wisdom teeth.Although my dentist advised me to do this 4 years ago I kept ignoring it until the cheek biting incidents
became more frequent and pain got worse.

I just had my 2 wisdom teeth extracted this morning and hoping my cheek lump would regress.
What you say on you got no wisdom teeth yet but just now got your 15 year molers?
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did you get the help you need yet? When it doubt, don't come on here. Go to any dentist for a limited exam, maybe an xray. That should be a reasonable fee. You don't have to automatically have full mouth xrays or cleaning and pay a lot more than you can afford if you aren't insured. But always take any pain seriously, ok? you could have an abcess which requires an antibiotic and or treatment immediately. Dont let fear keep you away, it won't get any better, only worse. Tough it out, and become a dental regular and avoid these nightmares which mean you aren't visiting your dentist enough to feel comfortable there!
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Eat a couple pieces of ice and the pain and swelling will go away in about 5 minutes.
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Yeah cheek biting is a real bummer. I tend to have canker sores all over my mouth because of this. Does the reshaping cost a lot of money? I'm planning to have it after my graduation.
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Start Doing Mouth Exercises to make your cheek thin... Fill up your mouth with the air as much as you can and move it left to right and right to left.. keep doing this every morning and when ever you are free or when you are in office after brushing. It helps to avoid this gradually in a month..
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Omg SAME PROBLEM AND I HAVE TO PUT MY FINGER IN MY MOUTH AND PULL MY CHEEK AND IT SUCKS AND MY 2nd molers are coming in and I'm 13 and when ever I talk, it hooks onto my cheek and it hurts hecka bad and it makes a sore and I hate it, but idk why and that's why I came here. Does anyone know why this is happening
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I'm so dang late lol
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I know this post is from ages ago, but like me, im sure others will come here searching for answers. the dentist is the best option, but if you cant get there, yet, try chewing on that side. the food makes your cheek stick out and the food acts as a cushion. be careful once youre about to swallow, though. youll probably start biting your cheek again.
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hello everyone my name is derrick grove and Im 23 years old I had this problem as well but I fixed it my self. how I fixed it is I took a ripped paper towel and used it to keep the inside of my check from getting in between my teeth and it worked. now I did change the paper from time to time but over all it healed up fine and I don't have any pain or biting my check no more. at the moment im typing this I have the other side coming in and also using the same method I used before to fix it and its working fine. give it a try yall just rip paper towel fold it to a think but not to think size and then put your finger in your mouth to push the check skin back and slide the paper in there and make sure with your finger that only the paper towel rip and your finger are on the inside and your check is on you outside of the top and bottom teeth of the side you wanna fix then test it if you bite and it hurts fix it some more till it does not hurt to bite down. if this help anyone out there your welcome.
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