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Additional question about appt. cancellation from last week, possible transference.

I had asked a few questions last week and very much appreciated your answers, now could you please give me your opinion of my last two questions. I posted these last week but maybe they went over a limit.  If so, sorry about that.  You will probably need to go back and read my previous questions for these others to make sense.  I appreciate it.

1.  Reason for the cancellation was that my appt. was scheduled for 12:30 and NP had a meeting at the hospital at that time and my appt. was scheduled 8 weeks ago..  I was skeptical because their office closes at 5:00 and I got the call 1-1/2 hours later.  I wasn't home but got a message on my machine later.  I took it personal and thought maybe they didn't want me to come back there but yet they did ask me to reschedule which I did the next day.  Can you tell just from what I wrote if I'm dealing with transference?  Also do you know any websites that are for adults with depression and/or anxiety.  I've tried to find some but all I find are sites mostly for the younger generation and I'm soon to be 57.  I thought if I could read about others in my age group, I might feel better and get rid of this irrational thinking.  Thank you so much for your expertise.

1.  When I used to take Effexor, I just complained that it didn't work and we stopped it.  Reading back through my notes, I remember now that I passed small white crystals when I went to the bathroom, and now wonder if I was passing the Effexor straight through my body without any being absorbed, so naturally it couldn't work.  Could that be possible?  Thanks you again so much for your help.
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With the information in the previous questions and this one, it is difficult to say if this is transference. Assuming or infering that this could be transference might not be appropriate. I suppose this can be discussed during therapy.

The website suggested by lindahand may be helpful. Reading views and expereinces of others of the same age might help, but you may have to be careful and incorporate that information at appropriate places in the therapy. Modifying irrational thinking at inference level might not be completely beneficial. If the modification is done at the level of core beliefs, it promises to give a long term coping skill.

Though urinary excretion is the elimination route for Effexor, crystal formation is not known.
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I go to a site called moodgarden.org and it has a group of people who are older on it. It is a bit slow right now in terms of people asking questions, but if you post something you always get a reply and they are always really nice to new people.
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