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Anyone know anything about effectiveness of Lamictal?

I am already on 75 mg. of Effexor and my psychotherapist has recommended lamictal, even though I am unipolar.  Would be interested in hearing others' comments.
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Dear Will,

Effexor is an effective treatment for major depression in the majority of sufferers. The effective dose of the XR preparation may be up to 300 mg a day.
Lamictal is an anti convulsant and has not been approved for use to treatment of Major Depression, although there is ongoing research examining its use in bipolar disorder.
Some case reports had been published recently for its efficacy to treat bipolar disorder symptoms - mania and depression. There has not been evidence to support its use in Major Depressive Disorder.
I recommend your psychiatrist increase your dose of Effexor, unless your are having disturbing side effects, prior to changing or adding medications.
There are more logical options with good research to back them, than the use of Lamictal in major depression.



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Hi Will

Until a few days ago I was on Effexor 375mgs but my psychiatrist had me stop it and wants me to try Lamictal.  I will be starting this drug within a couple of days.  I will also remain on Wellbutrin 300mgs and Remeron 60 mgs.  I posted a question recently about Lamictal and the reply was that Lamictal was not approved by the FDA for unipolar depression just bi-polar.  I would be interested in hearing what you think about Lamictal.  All I know is that there is a potential rash that can appear while taking Lamictal and that it must be started at a very low dose and gradually increased until there is improvement in depression. Feel free to write to me.  Chris  (***@****)
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