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Heart Palpitation

I am a 31yr old.  I often have heart palpitations and consulted a doctor and has investigated medical examinations.  The doctor said I have no heart problem at all.  I constantly feel tense and have heart palpitations at least once a day with a little chest pain.  I get these heart palpitations without even my knowledge and I have tried to ignore my worries.  I have been checked for heart problems and was told that the palpitations are due to anxiety and stress. How does anxiety cause palpitations? What happens when it occurs?  What effect will it have on me in future?

Thank you.

Mohamed Kinaanath

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If you have had a thorough evaluation by your doctor, and no medical causes for your symptoms were found, you may be suffering from panic attacks. Panic attacks are characterized by abrupt, recurrrent, and short-lived symptoms such as palpitations, chest pain, sweating, trembling, shortness of breath, e.t.c. Palpitations in anxiety or panic attacks may be mediated through increased neurochemical discharge from certain brain cells, causing an increase in heart rate.

Panic attacks are treatable with a combination of medications and cognitive-behavioral therapy. You may find it helpful to seek evaluation by a psychiatrist.
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