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I have had delusions in the past and take Risperdal which stoped them.  Lately, I have had paranoia even with the Risperdal.  I am feeling fine, I mean, no depression or mania right now.  What causes one to have psychotic features "out of nowhere"?  My doctor increased my Risperdal and I am fine right now, but I am concerned and curious as to why I would have psychotic features.  I don't understand!  Also...does this indicate that I would be one that would need an antipsychotic always?
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The biological concept in developing psychosis is due to a neurochemical in the brain called dopamine. Too much dopamine in the brain causes psychosis. Other neurochemicals are implicated, but the dopamine theory is most widely accepted. What causes dopamine to increase. No one knows for sure but hypothetical explanation may be genetic susceptibility that means some brains are just "made" that way because of genes inherited from the family.

Your need to be on antipsychotic depends on the diagnosis. Schizophrenics need to take antipsychotics for life to treat or lessen the psychosis. Mood Disorders like bipolar of major depression with psychotic features do not need to be on antipsychotics for life. It depends how well you respond to either mood stabilizers (if bipolar) or antidepressants (if major depression).
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