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is it anxiety or something more sinister

Hi, I'm a 35 year old female and have always been in excellent health.  However, since my son was born 6 months ago, I have not been feeling as well as usual.  I had a fairly significant bleed from my c-section wound just after being released from hospital and I was terrified.  Around four and a half weeks later, I experienced dizzy spells and my GP referred me to an ENT consultant who sent me for an MRI.  The MRI revealed an enlarged cerebral ventricle on one side so he has referred me to a neurologist (who has yet to see me), but he did say that the neurologist was most likely to say there was nothing wrong.  My GP said that was the most common finding on MRI and I know there can be huge variation in the size of cerebral ventricles.
This has been going on for the last five months and I've been fearful the whole time.  No-one has told me there's nothing to worry about and I've become convinced I have Parkinsons or MS or something equally grim.  My hands shake, I feel like I'm vibrating along my shoulders and arms (although my husband assures me he can't feel it), I have headaches, I have muscle twitches when at rest.  I am sure I'm experiencing anxiety as I often have a feeling of impending doom and I dread the evenings as I'm less busy then and I really zero in on the twitches which feeds the fear and the thoughts of disease.  
What I'd like to know is whether all the symptoms I'm experiencing could be caused by anxiety or is my anxiety justified by these symptoms?  What can I do to counter this anxiety?
My GP took blood samples and everything was normal including my thyroid hormones.  
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I agree with Jacquta.  Giving birth, a c-section, and everything else is extremely stressful!
Not to mention all the work that follows it.  After the birth of both my children, I sufferred much more then my wife and I didn't have to do anything but watch!  I'm serious!!
Positive life events pummel me far worse then the negative ones and science now knows that they are more stressful then negative ones.  I could've told them that.
But I digress...You have been thru quite alot...just the physical effects alone, the hormonal changes, and recovery after child birth effect many women in quite the same way.
It's what makes women the stronger of the two sexes.
Don't be afraid to seek help for your symptoms and you will be better quickly.
Hug your baby...it's the best medicine I've found.
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Probably both.  It sounds like anxiety but the anxiety would be understandable in the context of recent events.
Your symptoms seem more of anxiety than depression but could you have postpartum depression?

Revisiting your doctor probably wouldn't hurt.  You may also just need time to heal.  I would also perhaps look at psychotherapy to address some of the emotional issues.
You could also try a psychiatrist.
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this sounds to me like all anxiety and worry, although it started with a medical issue. It sounds as if your basic sense of safety and good health has been challenged severely and you are now into making everything as a sign of doom...You need to get your perspective back and start questioning your fears rather than indulging them. It would be helpful if you had one doctor give you a clean bill of health, tell you you had nothing to worry about...then you would have a realistic base to stand on.

a little anti-anxiety medication for a short period might help you prove to yourself it is all anxiety.
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