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About ZOLOFT, anti-depressant. And Effexor!

Ive a Warning, Not a question. If you have any kind of seizure or resulting head trauma behind seizures, do stay away from Zoloft. Thats one med that will make a person who dosent know they have seizures into a person who has gran malls multiple times a day for its duration of use. And Naturally, some doctor will put you on it as with All meds, and then have NO Clue whats wrong with you when the side-effects begin.

Be Your Own Judge and Advocate!

Oddly enough, I think they treat depression oft times when they should be treating for, as in my case, Anxiety and resulting ADD caused from my head trauma.

If your doctor puts you on a med and then forgets about you, get someone else! After the first 6 months of any med, you need to start watching for changes for the Worse! Meds are ment to be used to Help Your Body Heal Its Self, NOT medicate you stupid! And make you dumbed down enough to put you on the back burner. And If all your doctors answer is to up and up and up and up and up a med? get someone else! Your meds Not working and their STUPID!

Ive Still yet to find anything good about EFFEXOR! Avoid At All Costs. I thought it was helping me until going off of it. Id of had less side effects from street drugs Im sure. Id compare Effexor to Cocaine-based on how Ive seen people on Either behave. It made me Manic. A Disorder Im Assured I dont have.

I have to avoid All Meds Used in the treatment of Manic Depression, even any anti-seizure meds. On That count tho, Im likely the rarity on that given side-effect.

And a warning about DRY MOUTH, long term, this word means cavities! It Means a good mouth is gonna look like a 3rd world country eventually. Another thing no one bothered to tell me about. Until my new dentist and after having many cavities filled, less then 5 months later Ive another 10? And I use the fancy tooth brush and the whole nine yards.

So Take that Dry Mouth Warning Seriously!
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Zoloft has been known to effect a lot of people in a bad manner although it has also helped Many other people. It really does differ from person to person
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True, since I quit taking zoloft, haven't had them as bad
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I agree!!! Especially with the cavities!
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