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Adult son depressed

My 25 year old son is suffering from depression. He considered suicide 3 years ago but didn't go through with it. He saw a counselor a few times and decided it wasn't for him. Since that time he has quit school and cannot hold a job for more than a few months. He is never fired but always quits when it gets to be too much. He has been living at home for the past year and in the last couple of months has completely isolated himself. He literally lives in his bedroom coming out to use the bathroom occasionally. He barely eats, rarely showers and absolutely refuses help of any kind. Does anyone have any advice at all? I do not know what to do.
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I know exactly how he feels.....but, I didn't give up on myself, I made it through it, and I do it by staying clean, taking my perscribed medication, and having found my passion, which is the treadmill, I excercise everyday.  Don't give up on your son, show him encouragment, and suggest new and different ideas with him.....I wish you and your son the best.....
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He really needs to get back out there but at this point it is going to have to be baby steps.  He won't be able to add too much to his life because he won't have the energy to keep it up but there is hope.  If he can re-activate some of his interests like hobbies or friends and such it would help.  Maybe talk to some of his friends and ask them to stop by some time.  Let them know not to stay long unless he really wants them to.
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