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Am I the only one who gets this way on SSRIs?

I've tried three SSRI's....Celexa, Lexapro, Zoloft. I did well on the Zoloft until I began experiencing weird crawling sensations on my arms, facial twitching, and inter-menstrual bleeding. Not to mention that after about a few day I would feel overly happy and energetic. I stopped for a week and then began taking Zoloft again but the second time around, after taking Zoloft for about three days my libido increased greatly. I was uncomfortable all day long with odd sensations of arousal. I stopped taking the Zoloft and was switched to Celexa.

Celexa produced the same side effect as Zoloft with the arousal. After Celexa, I was switched to Lexapro which not only made me "high" it made me confused, hyper, and aroused. Even after stopping all of these meds, the uncomfortable arousal would last for a week.  I have reported this to my psychiatrist and he told me that it gave him a clue as to what's going on. (Not to mention I told I answered questions in regards to my strong mood swings and anxiety) He told me that I possibly have Bipolar Disorder and gave me a patient mood tracker.

Has anyone experienced these symptoms? Could this really be symptoms of Bipolar Disorder?
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One way of telling if someone is bipolar (in psychiatry) is to put them on SSRIs and watch to see if they become manic.  That is exactly what happened in my case.  There would be some other things to consider as well but I do agree that you were likely experiencing some symptoms of some acute mania.
If this is the case, I am interested in seeing how you are doing now and if your dr is going to stop the SSRIs.
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