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Antidepressants cause depression?

Why are the side affects of antidepressants sleepiness drowsiness and weight gain? So, I’m supposed to get better from sleeping all day and having no motivation with medication that has these side effects? It makes no sense! They should prescribe Adderall for people who are depressed...Google those side effects energy and weight loss-
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I remember being a puffy mute on lexapro and zyprexa.  Not only was my usual 130 pound jewish frame elevated to 170 within months I felt suicidal for the first time in my life.  I found a combo of wellbutrin/zoloft that seems to serve me well.  After hearing my complaints of fatigue he added adderall.  It does help but it's but you can develop tolerance fairly quickly and it's drawing on your body's essential vitality (chi) to do this.  It's not particularly healthy in the long run but it can help jump start things.  You Benefits from the more stimulating ssri's like prozac or an atypical like wellbutrin which is associated with energy and weight loss.
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Antidepressants don't have the same effects on everyone, and different antidepressants have different effects on the same person.  They are very individual in how they affect you.  Adderall is speed, and while speed has long been used for depression, as they say, speed kills.  You get used to it and have to keep taking more, and it's hard to stop taking it.  It also makes people anxious, and a lot of depressed people are also anxious.  Some antidepressants are quite speedy in and of themselves for many people who take them, so much so that they can also cause anxiety.  Wellbutrin is the most speedy for the most people and the least likely to cause weight gain.  The SNRI class of drugs targets serotonin, which can make you sedated and gain weight, but also affects norepinephrine receptors, and that's basically adrenaline.  There are a lot of antidepressants out there and you'll get different effects from them and different side effects as well.  Also know that drugs won't fix it -- they at best make it easier to live with.  Therapy might fix it.  Also, some of the side effects go away over time -- sleepiness is one of those that often gets better the longer you're on the drug.  Weight gain is different and usually lasts as long as you're on the drug.  So, it all depends.
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