Anyone able to get off of antidepressants successfully?

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Would love to get off the drugs. Sick of Big Pharma.
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It depends on how bad your problem is and how motivated you are to change the way you think.  Many people, probably most, do get off medication or don't take it in the first place.  Therapy is where people used to be sent first before being put on meds, though nowadays it's much more likely no matter what's wrong with us to have medication suggested as a first resort.  But changing your life is really hard, and some of us are just not successful in therapy or in changing our lives.  If your depression was severe enough to greatly impact your life for the worse, to the point where functioning was hard, and if you're still like that, getting off the meds will take time assuming you're one of the lucky ones who do benefit by lifestyle changes and therapy.  But yeah, tons of people get off antidepressants successfully.  And lots don't.  Only trying will tell you which you are.  As for Big Pharma, yeah, they're really a problem, but I'm assuming you were the one who chose to try medication because you were either told or believed it was your best option.  So while they do push drugs and pay doctors a lot to push them on us, we still are the ones who decide whether to pop them in our mouths or not.  The biggest problem with Big Pharma is pushing drugs on those who don't need them, marketing them for things they were never studied for, and lying about the side effects and downsides of using them.  My point in saying this is, it's still on you to make the decision and if you decide to try other ways of dealing with your depression than meds, you do have to do the work and if it doesn't work, if nothing works, it is better to have the drugs than not to have them despite the harm they do to some people.  Again, the issue is, which person are you, the one who didn't need them in the first place, the one who can get better through hard work, or someone who just has a really bad disease and no better way of dealing with it.  So, yeah, again, lots do get off of them and lots don't and lots don't find it necessary to go on them in the first place.  Peace.
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