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Anyone try CBT therapy? Did it work?

Anyone try CBT therapy?  Did it work?
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I tried CBT therapy through the VA (Veterans Hospital) and personally, I didn't like it.  I only made it through about 5 weeks and had to quit.  It was taught at a very basic level...by this I mean the pdoc/tdoc in charge brought in games and props and toys (childish stuff) to teach the group.

It was ridiculous.  I didn't like being treated like a 6 year old.

Hopefully other places it is taught better.

Good luck!!
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I did CBT for many years with a trusted Therapist.

Here's what I got from it... It did teach me a lot about myself, and the people with whom I share my life with.

Unfortunatly it did absolutly nothing to ease or eliminate the symptoms of my dpression.

I think CBT could be more helpful for people with, "situational depression and anxity."
You know, like people who were abused or had massive life trama.

I had none if thise things. That's not why I suffer from depression, Mine is Bio-chemical in some way and no amount of talk therapy or CBT will change that.
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