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Are homeopathic supplements better than prescription? Anyone try st.johns worth?

Looking for an over the counter support for anxiety and or depression. Is st. John worth any good? Any suggestions on anything that is not prescription drugs. Only all natural please...
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St. John's wort is an herb, not a homeopathic remedy, in the way you're talking about it.  It does exist in homeopathy, and is called hypericum when it is, which is the Latin name for the plant.  For some people St. John's Wort has proven very effective for depression.  For others, not so much.  You have to try it to tell.  Usually, herbal medicine is used in combinations, not just one herb, but you can try it.  The form that has been used for depression is the standardized version, standardized for hyperforins, or something like that, not the ones that are only standardized for hypericum, for best results.  But when you don 't know anything about natural medicine, it's helpful to see a professional, such as a naturopath or herbalist who knows how much to take when to take it and when not to take it.  It does have some side effects for some, so do your homework.  There is no natural remedy that is as strong as a drug, so know that it takes more work to do it that way for most.  But only trial and error will answer your question.  If you want to try homeopathy, you see a homeopath.  Best of luck.
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