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Can I continue a prescription for effexor/ venaflaxine in Mexico?


I'm moving to Mexico in two weeks and have to take anti depressants (100 mg) everyday. I've talked to my doctor and she is not available for any appointments at the moment. I've tried weaning off the pills but it ended in a bad state. Does anyone have experience living abroad and getting their prescription?? Can i buy over the counter?
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That's an unusual dose of Effexor.  I didn't know one could take 100 mg.  I guess you take a 75mg. plus most of a 37.5 mg. dose?  At any rate I would go to another psych or your Primary Care Dr. and simply explain your situation.  Effexor is a notoriously nasty substance to come off of, though 100 mg. is not very high a dose.  Despite it's well known WD's. if not tapered slowly, it's not a schedule substance.  Request a 3 month supply so that gives you time to find a psych or G.P. in Mexico.  It's not that heavy a request and no decent physician is going to want you to run out of an SSNRI that is apparently working..
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