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Can Zoloft Cause these Symptoms?

Hey, me again.
So I thought I was finally getting used to Zoloft. Then for some reason this past week I have been yawning a lot more then before, been feeling tired even though I have slept 8 hours uninterrupted. Weird to explain but I feel so good when I first wake for a couple hours but as soon as I take my med I feel like i have slow thoughts, mind blockedage, spacedout, slow mental response, get annoyed easily, hard for me to stand multiple people talking to me at once, and feeling less intellectual.

It's hard to get an appointment with my Dr for this as she is always booked! Won't be able to see her for another month. Can't see any other Dr in this field as I'm on Medicaid.

Again! I Don't do drugs, tobacco, alcohol,and
No caffine!
Have had sleep studies done that say everything is normal along with an MRI on head.

So my questions are; Has anyone dealt with these symptoms while on this med or are these side effects of this med? Should I change meds?
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Forgot to also mention. Meds!
Been on Zoloft-100mg for months, protonix-20mg(acid reflux) for 6month,
Finasteride-1mg(hair) just over a month, and started sugarbearhair supplement for two weeks.
Did this start after you started taking this supplement?  In any case, stop the supplement.  It's a horror show!  Please, folks, do not buy crap off the internet.  This supplement is mostly sugar, it has toxic fillers and binders, it has the wrong form of B12 in it, it has iodine in it which can be problematic -- I could go on and on, this is a horror show of a supplement!  Be careful out there, good supplements are not sold with direct marketing, in drug stores, just on the internet, advertised on TV -- Good supplements are sold in the best health food stores and only in the best health foods stores.  You can buy them online, but first you have to learn the difference between safe supplements and good companies with a good track record and all the rest just trying to take your money while not spending money on making an actual reliable product!
Hi, thanks for the replie.
Do you really think this hair supplement could cause this?
I looked up side effects and other people experiences on this supplement. None reported having these issues or side effects. So that is why I thought it must be the Zoloft.
The only way to know is to stop taking the supplement.  Stopping the Zoloft requires a slow taper off, but you can stop the supplement right now.  If your symptoms go away, you'll know it was the supplement.  If they continue, you'll know it wasn't the supplement, but you'll still be healthier not taking it than taking it, which is still a good thing.  
So i did what you said and stopped taking the supplement,off it now! Initially, a couple days being off it I didn't feel those symptoms anymore. Now, I'm getting past a cold. Yesterday and today I have been feeling very spaced out,  confused, lost, feel weird to be at work or around a lot of people. Head/mind feels space out, fatigued, not good at all.
Not sure if my brain is used to the zoloft, or if I should up the dose, or contact my Dr. To switch meds.
Still on 100mg zoloft, for 5months.

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It's likely the Zoloft. Yawning and spaced out "brain fog" are known symptoms.

Often with the kind of anti depressant zoloft is (ssri) it takes a bit of switching around to find one that works for you.

Hang in there and hope you can get an appointment soon. Your doctor may prescribe you a lower dosage of a different medicine entirely. For now I think that's it
Hi. Thanks for the response.
Honestly it's the zoloft. I have an appointment  on 28th this month and I'm going to make sure they change it.

Recently, been feeling super sleepy/drowsy during the day. I'm so sleepy when I get home I go to my bed and out like a light. But I have been sleeping too long lately. Other symptoms are unsteadiness, feel like falling, stomach issues, feel like my mind repeats itself a lot.

I have been uping my dose myself too because I felt like It didn't or wasn't enough for depression,  over past month went from 75mg to 125mg

Also, Today! I was super sleepy at work, then i went to the bathroom to wake myself up on my way back I had a huge brain zap and super sleepiness went away.
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Anyone on antidepressants have a med you take or have taken that didn't come with drowsiness/sleepiness as a side effect to your med?

Also, tmi, but sorry. Does Zoloft cause a bigger sexual dysfuntction issue then effexor Does?
Feel like its been worse ever since I switched meds!
You've stil got a way to go before you top out a Zoloft dose.  But if you've been on it for months as you stated above and still have this much problem, this is probably not the med for you unless it's working really well otherwise.  Because people react differently to medication, there's no way to tell you if a particular med will make you drowsy or hyper or whatever.  Effexor is a more stimulating antidepressant than the ssri class, as it targets norepinephrine as well as serotonin.  It's a bear to stop taking, though.  I wouldn't play with your dose by yourself -- you really don't want to become that person who plays with drugs on their own.  Not a good habit to get into.  As for sexual problems, most of those that target serotonin can be a problem, but so can other drugs.  The one that doesn't is wellbutrin, but it's the most stimulating of the common antidepressants.  Some people find combining it with an ssri takes care of that problem, but of course then you have to contend with two drugs.  
I was on fludac which is the local brand here. Helped me stay awake. Also cipralex is non sleepy
Cipralex, or Lexapro, is an ssri, and all ssris can be sedating.  It just depends on the person.  Flucac is Prozac, and that is also an ssri, which also can be sedating or not depending on the person, although Prozac is the most stimulating of the ssris.  This stuff is very individual and that makes it impossible to know in advance how any individual will react to it short term or long term.
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Well Today, I saw my psychiatrist. Told her all my issues since last visit. She put me on
wellbutrin/Bupropion 100mg

She said since I only have about one weeks worth of 100mg of zoloft left, that I should finish it off but, only take half of the pill alongside the Wellburtin 100mg pill. Im Hoping, that this short time combo doesn't cause much havoc on me!
I was told that Wellbutrin's side effects would be less as bad as the zoloft was. I will feel more energized, sex drive should see improvement, no sleepiness/drowsy, clear mind, and just better. Hope this is the pill that will help me out of this slump I'm currently in.

Would love to hear anyone's thoughts about this or own experience on this med or switching to it. Thanks!
Wellbutrin is known for all that, but I would encourage a much longer taper off the Zoloft if you've been on it awhile -- you don't want to add withdrawal problems to the mix and you also want to know if any problems you have are due to the wellbutrin or to withdrawal from the Zoloft.  I'd discuss this with my psychiatrist before quitting this abruptly, again if you've been on it for more than just a little bit of time.  Also, if you also suffer anxiety, wellbutrin will be a lot more stimulating than what you're used to, so watch out for that, but withdrawal can also cause anxiety even if you've never had it before so I always say it's better to take our time and be safe about it.  Good luck either way, though.
By the way, you can also combine wellbutrin with an ssri and this also often deals with the sexual and weight problems while not relying completely on the very stimulating wellbutrin, but for really depressed people who aren't that anxious, stimulation can be really effective.  As you know by now, it's going to be trial and error, it's just the way it is because people react so differently to this stuff.  Again, best of luck whatever you do.
So trying to understand what your saying. I should just take zoloft in smaller quantity for like 2 weeks or more then start the Wellburtrin?

I just want off zoloft as fast as possible, don't like the side effects.
The shortest taper I know of if you've been on an antidepressant for awhile is about six weeks.  It's a very individual thing, as some have no problems at all and others have huge problems.  Some need months to taper off, others don't.  You only find out when you do it, unfortunately.  There's just no predicting.  And you get to decide, not me or anyone else.  I will say that when an antidepressant doesn't work, it's usually pretty easy to stop taking, but again, we just differ.  I get you want out of this, I just don't want you to trade one problem for a different problem.  
Thanks for response.
Today is my 3rd day on pill heading into 4th. I been experiencing weird feelings in my chest and noticing my breathing. I don't know if this pill has already taken affect and raised my blood pressure or what. But I don't feel comfortable. Kinda hard to tell to be honest if it is irritating my acid reflux, causing anxiety or messing with my heart. I have had all sorts of heart tests done in recent past. All normal. So I don't know what to do next. Call and tell my psych?
I would, yes, but again, what you're describing is a common symptom of wellbutrin as it's very stimulating but can also be a withdrawal symptom of quitting the Zoloft.  
Oh maybe.
So for tampering off the zoloft it should be a week for each month I have been on the med?
I been on it for 5 months, so would that mean it will take me 5 weeks to get off it?
I'm at 100mg. So lower it to 75, 50, then 25 then 0?
This depends totally on the person, but again, the shortest taper I've ever seen recommended by experts who care about this stuff -- most docs really don't -- is 6 weeks.  They have different ways they like to do it -- some like the take it every other day approach, some taper down the daily dose, and too many just really don't care.  I just don't see the advantage in starting a new med until you've successfully stopped the one you're on and know if it's going to be a problem for you to stop, as if it is you sometimes have to go back on it again and try again more slowly.  But I think most psychiatrists taper down and start the new med while the taper is nearing the end.  Obviously, since there are so many different opinions on this, there is no right answer, so the only right answer is, do what works best for you and you only know that by trying something.  
By the way, my last taper my psychiatrist wanted to do for months because my life was ruined by withdrawal, but I only had a problem with one med, not all of them.  I really didn't need months to quit because it wasn't really working much, and my own opinion is that it's a lot easier to stop a med that isn't working that one that is.  
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