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Can i combine Paxil with Supplements?

I am taking Paxil (for depression) 10mg daily, along with Carbidopa/Levodopa (for Parkinsons) and Propranolol (for other Parkinsons related issues). I am wanting to take the Fitmiss Burn (fat burner), Fitmiss Tone (CLA), Fitmiss Z-Slim PM (Sleep aid and Metabolic booster) and Fitmiss Balance (multi-vitamin). obviously they all have tons of different ingredients but they are simple to find online. If anyone is willing to look that knows about medicinal interactions I would greatly appreciate it. I have done other research on the products and they are all pretty good. I have also used one of the other products (Fitmiss Ignite) and have had no side effects except that it gave me the exact level of energy I needed at the time I needed it, no crash, no headache, no bathroom rush lol. I just wanna know it won't kill me if I combine all these. If you all can't answer, does anyone know who can? My doctors don't always have a huge pharmacology background especially when it comes to these alternative products so they are not usually much help. Thanks Guys!!!!!
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Okay.  I managed health foods stores for 18 years, so I have a very strong background in supplements.  All bodybuilding supplements are bad for you.  They might help in some ways, but all have things in them that are just speeding you up or draining water or lying to you, such as the fat burners -- there are no known fat burning supplements.  So the first question is, why do you want to take them, and why so many of them?  Second, buying over the internet is a good way to by the worst supplements from the worst companies, though in this athletic supplement field even the best companies put out bogus products.  If you buy the wrong products, they can have things in them, such as steroids, that aren't listed on the label.  There is some value in extra protein for bodybuilders, and a few supplements have some solid evidence behind them, but they only help a little.  That's why so much emphasis on nutrients that simulate taking speed -- it helps you work out longer and harder.  That can be helpful if you're getting paid to do this, but if you're not, why bother?  Okay, so if this is how you enjoy spending your time, you're entitled to do it, so now for the drug interactions.  Anything that speeds you up might interfere with the beta blocker you're taking which is to slow down your heart.  If you're an anxiety sufferer, you don't ever want to take these types of supplements, as they're intention is to speed you up.  If you have a chronic illness such as Parkinson's, you want to be as clean as possible -- best diet, best lifestyle, least amount of questionable forms of supplements sold by questionable companies with not evidence of historical use or studies showing the stuff works with questionable forms of supplements combining together supplements some which have to be take without food with those that have to be taken with food.  I'd pass, work out naturally, and live as naturally as possible with the conditions you have.
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Oh, and I didn't check the supplements because you want to take so many of them, but Paxil affects both serotonin and choline receptors, and is a very difficult drug to take and to stop taking, so any of these supplements that affects either choline or serotonin can have a deleterious effect.  Again, since there's no reason to take this type of supplement for health reasons but only for cosmetic reasons, again, I'd pass if it were me.
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