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Change in personality

Hey, i don't know if i am on right forum for this but i couldn't find anything else. Basicly sometimes i have a feeling as if i am different, even talk differently and have different thought processes. An example i have that has happened is when i was talking to my friend, then i started hating him for some reason, and started being really harsh and insulting him out of nowhere because he said something that when i think about now, would not be something my normal self would get angry at, another example is when i go to bed and wake up the next morning just hating all of my friends and just stopped caring if something happens to them, even the way i talk and the type of words change, it feels like i turn into a different person, even my taste in music changes.....Is there anything this could be....?
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have there been any life changes recently? you might be acting different because of that. also I would recommend talking to someone because it's very hard to evaluate something based on just several facts. I know therapy can be an unpleasant experience but I would recommend. talk therapy is good because you can get to the bottom of things. you can even try to do this yourself and see what caused you to do what. and also, don't freak out, no one is perfect and if there's some sort of depression or disorder that is happening, it can be fixed :)
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On any medications?  They can cause this.
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Not currently no
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