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Depressed more than ever.

Hello,I am 16 years old and I have untreated depression for more than 5 years. I have never told anyone at all...

A few weeks ago I have started to recover a bit and start to forget about depression a lot...

But then my mom says I was an accident and now I feel worse than ever.

I just have thoughts in my mind saying that I don't deserve to live anymore and I should not exist. I keep thinking about when she said it all the time and I can't keep my mind off it. Can anyone please give me tips on how to keep my mind off this horrible feeling I'm having?
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Don't let anyone including your mom have that much of an impact on your emotions.  I used to do the same thing but as you get older you will meet people who value your friendship.  Thanks for coming to this site and you will find a lot of support here, if nowhere else.
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Please ask for help. there is help for all of us struggling. Please don't carry this all alone its too much for you to handle.
Good luck and God bless.
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ok focus whats your favorite thing focus on that

now got to a low light room listen to calm not depressing or rock music

just drift away all you see is that thing

now day to day just relax dont listen in your head focus and picture that thing

feel her voice or whatever troubles bounce off you

go for a walk

good luck and hey life and you always matter
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I forgot to add something sorry,

*I have constant suicidal thoughts pretty much constantly...
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