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Depression after losing both parents

I lost both my parents. I lost dad a few years back, and my mom a little over a month ago. I’ve always had depression but have been able to manage it. My mom was my biggest cheerleader and always needed me. I feel like I have no purpose anymore in life. Sometimes I think I’d rather just not be alive but I know my husband and dog need me. But I don’t know how to enjoy life anymore. I’m so sleepy all the time also. I just don’t know how to make myself better. I was able to in the past but it’s different this time.
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What are you doing to treat the depression?  Are you in therapy?  
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I’m not in therapy. I was but I found it useless for me. I’m taking Wellbutrin once every other day and Prozac every evening. I meditate but nothing really helps. I feel useless now like there’s no point to keep going. My mom needed me a lot and now no one needs me. Nothing looks the same and nothing feels the same. A beautiful sunny day looks so different to me now. I’d rather sleep than go out any where. I’m tired of life
Are you seeing a psychiatrist or a regular doc?  I've never heard of taking Wellbutrin every other day.  Of course, there's a lot I've never heard of, but it doesn't stay in the body all that long so as with most of the newer classes of antidepressants you have to keep taking it just to keep in your body.  As for therapy, if one therapist doesn't work for you, try another.  And you have to work at therapy.  Often you have to make your therapist work at being a therapist -- they often settle in to chatting, and that's usually a waste of time.  You want them to work on you, and you want to work.  Doesn't mean it will work for you, but meds while they can help make us feel better they don't cure the underlying disease.  Therapy might.  As for being needed, ever look at the state of the world around you?  It needs a lot of help.   Never a lack of help being needed.  Look, you've basically defined depression, that's how it feel to be depressed.  It's really hard to beat it.  But if at first therapy doesn't work, find a different therapist.  If you're feeling this bad, the drugs aren't working, either, you might need different dosing or different meds.  
Thank you. I'll definitely look into it.
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