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Depression and what things give you comfort?

What things give you comfort from your depression?  What are the things you do to feel better?
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Well, tons of things help short-term, but then it's over and you're still suffering from depression.  Comfort is really nice, but fixing the problem is a lot better.  That being said, anything that takes my mind off of it makes me feel better.  Sex.  Exercise, but it has to be heavy exercise and unfortunately for me I can't do that anymore because I ended up with a lot of injuries as I got old and the medications messed me up, but if someone is able to really burn, that helps.  Sports helps.  Watching a good movie or reading a good book helps.  Work helps.  Anything, again, that stops the darned thinking process that is the root of the problem helps temporarily.  If one could weave together a life full of these things and nothing else we wouldn't be depressed anymore.  
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