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Hi I am currently writing a play to raise awareness of postnatal depression. It touched my life during my third and last pregnancy and I feel like many stories need to be heard. Writing is therapeutic and a positive way to raise awareness of the times we feel most alone and in the dark. In bringing my own and the experiences of others out, I hope it will touch people and give those with little insight an understanding. If anyone would be willing to confidentially share their honest stories and feelings with me, I would be ever so grateful. Today I am stronger than ever and the experience has given me compassion and hope for all the women I know who feel the isolation. Your thoughts and feelings would be much appreciated and valued and as everyone's story is unique, reaching out to you I hope will give my writing balance and truth xxx
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I have two childrem pretty far apart.  my first I had a 17 and my second at 30.  I went through a lot with both of  them.  If you would lke to know then friend me and send me a message asking me whatever you want.  I think it sounds really good what you are trying to do.
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