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Someone knows natural remedies for depression but without allopathic chemicals?Thanks!
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Allopathic refers to a form of medicine, not a form of chemicals -- natural remedies are chemicals, too, and some are a lot more natural than others.  To treat depression with natural medicine, you would need to see a professional because obviously you're posting this because you're not familiar with the subject yourself.  That professional could be a functional physician, which is a psychiatrist who practices integrated medicine; a doctor who practices integrated medicine but must have studied mental illness or they're not going to be of much use; or a naturopath or herbalist or doctor of Chinese medicine or a practitioner of ayurveda or someone who has studied some form of natural medicine, as every part of the world has a different set of remedies they use and principles they follow.  A good naturopath will have studied world medicine.  A good book to give you an overview of what's used is called Natural Highs by Hyla Cass, a psychiatrist who teaches at UCLA and uses natural medicine in her practice.  It's a bit old now, and herbalists are always out there finding herbs we didn't know about, but it's a pretty good overview.  I will say, success will depend on how bad your depression is -- if you're to the point of being suicidal, natural medicine doesn't work very quickly.  But if you're able to function and have a lot of motivation, the treatment will consist of a combination of plant medicine, amino acids, minerals, therapy, exercise, meditation, lifestyle changes, etc.  It will take work on your part, so you have to have the motivation to do that.  Good luck.
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