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Do I have anxiety/depression?

It has come to my attention that I obsess and over think things without expressing my feelings to anyone. It has gone so bad that I cannot focus on my daily routines, activities, work, etc. I work slow, I take a longer time to feel motivated. If I get away from my friends or family, say to go to the restroom, I really do it just to think and try to solve a problem that isn't there so that way when I go back out, I can completely enjoy my time and connect with those around me instead of pretending to be while I'm thinking of something else. What can I do to stop this habit? Is there a nedication I can take? I have Access insurance, so I may be able to see a doctor. The only reason I avoid doing so is because for some odd reason my insurance mistakened my date of birth, which is probably connected to another person under the same name as mine. But anyway. . . I just really want to know if this is anxiety? Could it be something else? It's REALLY easy for me to get triggered by certain subject matter, but I am proud to say that I have learned to manage it. I admit that I still have my rough patches, but I have learned to steer clear of certain situations or at least if it is inevitable, I calm myself down.
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There's no way for anyone to know what's going on.  Anxious people feel anxious.  You sound like you're distracted a lot lately for some reason, but not so much feeling irrational fear.  I would go see that doctor and get a good work up.  You also are 21, if your profile is correct, a very difficult age to be (not that any age is easy) because you're about to be on your own in life to make your own way.  You might be concerned about your future in ways you haven't faced.  Certainly, you're concerned about something.  But you could also just be becoming who you are -- maybe you're just a thoughtful person who likes to think a lot.  Who knows?  It takes all kinds to make an interesting world.  If you don't find anything physically wrong, and it could be a lot of things, even nutritional deficiencies, and it's bothering you to the extent your life is getting hard to function in, I'd think about seeing a therapist who can help you see why this is going on.  
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KatRoslyn, I have similar feelings.  I have suffered clinical depression and anxiety my entire adult life.  yours could be just anxiety.
I overthink everything.  I tend to think and worry and be upset over things that happened a long time ago and wish I had handled the situation differently.  Its good that you can manage it.  I would call your insurance company and straighten out your situation.  You may need your insurance for an emergent situation and not be able to be covered.  Do you have a PCP.  You can express your concerns to him or her.  If you are handling it on your own then you probably do not need medications.  If you are not there are low dose antidepressants that could help.  There are anxiety medications also.  I am not  a doctor but these medications have helped me, however, I have extreme anxiety and clinical depression.  Talk to a doctor is the best advise and keep posting your journey on here.  There are a lot of people with very good advise that have helped me.  You are handling it and that is a good thing!  
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I'm glad you are reaching out!  That's a first step and it is meaningful.  We all have feelings of the blues, anxiety and depression from time to time.  However, to be clinically depressed or anxious, there is criteria to be diagnosed with that.  A basic one is that it is every day consistently for at least 2 weeks.  To me, you definitely seem like you need someone to talk to.  A counselor would be terrific.  Or even just a solid, trustworthy friend.  Keeping a journal to get thoughts out is also helpful.  Clear up your insurance issue if you haven't already.  That actually happened to my husband---  we kept getting bills for hefty medication.  I had to look into it and found that the scripts were filled in Florida.  We don't live in Florida.  It took the insurance some time to track down that they and erroneously given the same account number to two people.  It took about a month to clear up but important to do so as someone else's medical record was being merged with my husbands.  He did not take any of the meds that it looked like he was having prescriptions filled for.  So, take the necessary action to clear that up.  

Anyway, we're here to talk if you need it.  
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