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Escitalopram v. Lexapro

My dear friend's insurance company  has switched her from name brand Lexapro to a generic, Escitalopram.  She claims that the generic is not as effective as the name brand, Lexapro.  She is becoming more depressed and despondent.    Has anyone had a similar reaction or can anyone shed any light on this difference.    I want to help her and have suggested she called her primary care doctor to let her know how she is feeling and to maybe try to get a new script for the Lexapro, which I understand is very expensive.   Does anyone know the out of pocket cost of Lexapro for a 30 day supply of 20 mg. tablets?  Thanks for any light you can shed on this....
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The price will vary depending on the source.  The insurance company generally will still contribute to name brands, but just won't cover much of the cost, but some just eliminate them from their allowed drugs.  Several people on this forum have had this problem, especially with Klonopin.  Quality control is generally better with brand names than with generics, though most do fine on generics.  Some generic manufacturers have better reputations than others for quality control, so sometimes switching to another generic manufacturer can help as well.  
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