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Even w/ medication (Effexor XR 150mg) I'm still depressed

I am clinical depressed and have been (diagnosed) since I was 20. Although I was already feeling the symptoms long before that. I have tried several medications and finally I came across Effexor. At first it wiped my depression completely away. Before I was suicidal, without actually wanting to kill myself; and it started from the moment I woke up till I went to sleep. I became extremely withdrawn and was beyond devastated at all times. I lost all motivation and dropped out of school and work for a while because of it. I also have anxiety and a panic disorder which didn't help but that's another story another time :)  So, I thought I had been doing really well into I went into my therapists office and found out that a lot of my new symptoms was my depression coming back. So, now they want to up the Effexor almost double. Of course I would do anything to get rid of the depression b/c it took over my life and caused major problems in my marriage, but I almost feel like this is an endless cycle and I will be taking meds all my life just increasing the doses until I no longer pump blood but anti-depressents through my veins! you know?  Anybody that has been through this and understands or if anybody just wants to talk please write back! Thanks ya'll.
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On yes rock, I have been there with the same condition, same medication and even at around the same time frame (age wise) as you. I can tell by your explanation of the situation that your medication treatment is following the same path mine did.

So let me get this streight.... You started taking Effexor for your depression and anxiety at around 20 years of age right? And now a few years later you are starting to feel as if you are slowly relapsing in terms of your condition as if your condition is getting worse or harder to control? If the answer is yes then I think I can give you some good advice about how to get back on track. Unfortunatly it does involve medication.

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There are several non-drug ways of overcoming depression. I suggest that you ask to be referred to a Nutritional Doctor or a Clinical Nutritionist and discuss the following article:

[b][url=http://www.hypoglycemia.asn.au/articles/depression_disorder.html]Depression is a Nutritional Disorder[/url][/b]
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Effexor is one of the many meds I've been on......and it only worked for a short time and just like all of the other meds; then it stopped working.  Now I just don't take meds.

There are lots of meds out there, so if that one isn't working for you, don't feel you have to stick with it.  Good luck!
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