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Feeling depressed and no support

I have been in a bad place today with life in general. I even took today off of work for a mental health day. I started crying this morning and told my husband I wasn’t happy. His response “are you ever happy” of course I cried more and told him that is exactly why I don’t talk to him. I believe I need to be in a relationships group for that part but the depression is really getting to me today and I have no one. I’ve tried so hard today and I’m just broken
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If you're suffering from depression, are you in treatment for it?  In therapy?  Are you regularly broken, or is this just an atypically bad day?  People around depressed people can get pretty tired of the obsessive repetitiveness of it.  All mental illness involves obsessive thinking, and it's negative thinking, and it's hard to be around all the time.  But your husband is still there, so that says something important.  The important thing, then, is, what are you doing now to try to get better?
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Ah, sweetie, I'm so sorry.  We do have a Relationship forum here at medhelp. I can send you a link!  Or you can find it under the above tool bar under communities (in the R's).   I had a doctor tell me once that family is often a great source of indicating how someone is doing.  Your partner is verbalizing he notices you are unhappy a lot.  He didn't deliver that well.  At all. I'm sorry.  But are you unhappy a lot?  I do agree support would be wonderful.  Do you see a therapist?  
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