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Have i been an idiot abusing Deanxit ?

Im still not 18 ... , I have been abusing Deanxit for a while but not really a habit , Once like in a month where i'd consume 10 deanxit pills and have noticed lot's of visual effects and drowsyness.. , I dont feel addicted to it but i just enjoy it ... , Now im begining to feel scared about abusing it so i'm going to stop, but so far i have abused quite alot do you think it is still possible for me to get serious damages ....? Today is and will be my last ever Deanxit abuse i have just injested 7 pills , what are some side effects ? As in long term ... And if i stop now can i still recover my damage parts or watever... ..

Thanks alot ... and i know i have been an idiot ....  I can say i have so far abuse approximately 40pills + over the 2 years course now im 17 ... Thanks for advice ...

And i have noticed that these days i am not able to control my anger could it be a side effect ?

I also have regular stomach pains at a regular time everymorning for 1 week already ...

And sometimes i even have Blackouts where i sweat so much my heart pumps much more rapid , Everything darkens and im fallen on the floor for 5 seconds ...

Extra Info : I have been abusing quiet some Illegal drugs.. aswell  , Im too scared to go for body check up since the results might show up and ill be in big trouble .. that i have been abusing drugs ...
:Cannabis , Methamphetamine , Stillnox ,
:Diphenhydramine ,Dextromethorphan , Daizepam , Lorazepam , Clonazepam ,Deanxit ,Tramadol ...

Now ive quit everything only stuck with Cannabis and Deanxit ...

Is it too late to make a change to my life ....

My mom has intestinal cancer and my dad has 2 heart attacks it's in the Gene's ... So i have more chances of getting them ..

It's been 9 days already and ive had dairrhea everyday ..

Im so scared im only 17 i dont want to end up in the hospitals

I will make a change but what do you xperts think ? im not too late right ?
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From what I know about deanxit it is not an addictive drug. At least it is not scheduled as a controled substance by the FDA like Xanax and drugs such as Oxy.

Should mean that stopping it would be pretty easy if you wanted to.
In your post I see nothing listed regarding Major depression.

I will assume then that you do not suffer major depression which makes stopping addictive behavior much easier.

Your young and mentally strong. Make commitment to stop all drugs. maybe get in the gym and start a new focus on your body. When I was 18 bodybuilding gave me so much confidence and was enjoyable too. It's fun to watch your body change over many months.
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