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Help with medication question

Hi all. I've suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since I was a child. About 15 years ago I started on anti depression Meds for my anxiety/panic attacks because I could not function. 11 years ago  I developed some serious health problems which I continue to suffer from. One of my problems is I have Lupus which exacerbates depression and on top of that I have been on steroids full time for the past 4 years which also exacerbates depression. Along with both those things, not being able to do all the things i want to do because i dont feel well causes me alot of depression also. Last year I went into a very very bad depression due to the steroids. It was the most horrible feeling I have ever had.  I had been on Paxil for 9 years and instead of switching me to a different anti depression, my psychiatrist added abilify which did NOT work, and then to Wellbutrin. That drug took me out of the dark depression I was in but it did not take away my depression. Because of all the things working against fixing the depression my psychiatrist pretty much told me there was nothing else to try so I've been just dealing with being a miserable, angry and upset person. Last nov. I developed a nerve disease which causes an extreme amount of pain (which also messes up brain chemicals). Since then my depression has gotten worse.All I do is cry, hate my life, think about suicide (tho I would never do it because I have a little boy that needs me) , isolate myself, hate my life, who I've become, hopless that i will never b happy again, and how horrible emotionally I feel. I am DESPERATE to get out of this depression and feel HAPPY. If my brain felt better I know my body would also. I went to a new GP about 2 months ago who said the Paxil was not working any longer. He said I could just switch to cymbalta without having to wean off the Paxil or suffer from withdrawal symptoms. I was excited and thought this would be my ticket to feeling happier and being a REAL person again. Well, I've been on the cymbalta and the Wellbutrin now and I feel no different. I feel exactly as miserable and unhappy as I did on the Paxil. Last month i went to a pain dr who said he thinks i should try a new drug called     . i have not started it yet. I saw a friend yesterday who also suffers from depression who looked WONDERFUL and so HAPPY. I asked her what she was taking and she said Celexa. Said it has changed her life and she feels great! My questions are these.....can u switch from cymbalta to celexa without tapering down or having withdrawals ? Do u think the celexa may work differently on me then the cymbalta ? Are there any suggested drugs that may work better for me ? Or, do I just have to accept that until I get off the steroids or even if I got off them, that this is my life and learn how to deal with feeling depressed and emotionally withdrawn and screwed up for the rest of my life. I HATE being depressed... .If someone offered me a million dollars or to feel HAPPY, I would take the FEEL HAPPY and be poor. I am trapped in a miserable life that I don't want to be in!  Is there any hope for me???? Btw, I recently started seeing a counselor but I know my main problem are from the lack of chemicals in my brain. I leave the office feeling sick and having anxiety from crying the past 50 min...Any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I am so sorry you are having such problems.  As anti depressants differ, and what suits one person may not suit another, we cannot really tell you what would be best for you.  It is a matter of finding the one that works for nyou, with your doctor or psychiatrists help, of course.

You should not stop one and start another abruptly however, as you will get withdrawal symptoms.  You must give the medication time to work.  I think the lack of chemicals in the brain idea is one promoted by drug companies to get people to try their anti depressants.  I don't think there is any scientific evidence.  I thought it was that, but so many b ooks and sites have told me otherwise.

I do hope the counsellor can help you.  No you do not have to be depressed for the rest of your life.  I was in a very dark place when I joined Medhelp, but with the help of medication, I am feeling so much better, I now feel ready to stop taking them altogether.  I am in my 10th month of withdrawal, with my doctors help.  It was her suggestion I come of anti depressants.

I don't think we are qualified to tell you that Celexa will work as well for you as your friend.  This is something you must discuss with your doctor.

Keep seeing the doctor and counsellor, and when you find the medication that makes you feel better, like your friend, then life will seem worthwhile again.

We cannot expect to be happy, but we can feel life has something to offer us again.  

Of course there is hope for you.  There is hope for all of us.  I find that you have to find great strength to fight depression, as I have done over the 20 years I have been taking anti depressants.  I am sure you will get many encouraging messages from other people here.

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I'm sorry you have been feeling so badly. That's good that you keep searching for answers and not give up. As for the Celexa. Ther is no way to know how it will work for you until you try it. Remember to give each AD you try aprox 2 months to work. Some take longer than others. Just like some meds work for us and some don't.

An important thing that is often overlooked is asking your dr to test for deficiencies such as Vit D, Vit B and iron. Vit D and Vit B (all the B's) can effect your mood greatly. Iron deficiency can make you tired. I was deficient in all of these and am doing so much better with the depression.  My dr gave me an rx for vit D. I give myself Vit B shots and OTC iron.

Have you thought about trying meditation and or yoga (in a way that's comfortable for you)? Walking if you can would be great as it releases 'feel good' endorphines.

Meds don't do everything. Continuing seeing a therapist can only help. You have a lot on your plate. Some therapy sessions are harder than others. They all work themselves out. I have cried at many of mine too. I think therapy helps a great deal. Be patient with it.

I know you feel bad and searching for the right med but just remember there are other avenues to add to the med search.

Btw, there are a lot of meds other than AD's out there to try. Have you tried MAOI's which is a diff AD. If you can, there are many meds to research on the Internet.

I would not wait to get your bloodwork for the above mentioned.

We are here if you need us
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I forgot to mention Deplin (a breakdown of folic acid). It is an Rx. My dr recommended that to me as well. You can research it if you like. It is also suppose to really help. I have not tried it yet as getting my deficiencies solved was enough. Just another suggestion.
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Thanks for the advice ") I do realize that everyone responds to Meds differently. I guess I was just hoping that someone would say, "yes!!! That was a miracle drug for me!" I have a lot of things working against me finding a drug that will fix my brain.....steroids is the main one. I have been on the one I'm on now for 2 months and I feel no change. Maybe this is as good as it will get for me and the rest needs to b fixed by therapy...it would just be so wonderful if I found a med that made me feel better emotionally....I have meditated before but it's really difficult for me to turn off my brain sometimes. I know I'm on the low side of vit. D so maybe that will help ! I don't take vitamins and I also don't eat much..that prob has something to do with the depression also...I will look in to everything advised as it may certainly b worth trying.

I opened a message this am from someone on med help who told me that if I asked Jesus to take away my sins and accept him as my savior I will be healed and he (Jesus) will take care of me and never steer me wrong. I was laughing and ticked off by it at the same time. It was and is ridiculous advice to give to people who have chemical imbalances or diseases because g-d can't cure those problems..I've done everything possible  in my life to be a good person..I've prayed over and over to be healthy... all I've gotten in return is poor physical and mental health. It's also something that has made me upset many times...those who try to be good and do the right thing get the short end of the stick and the bad people lots of times  seem to have a cake walk thru life. Have others in the depression group gotten messages from a member stating Jesus will cure all ??? Just curious. Thanks against")
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