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How can I get over sexual assault from a boyfriend?

**Warning: sexual assault**
I think I have been sexually assaulted by my boyfriend. A week ago, he dry-humped me naked, but I was wearing my underwear and cotton pants on. It was a first, I wasn't enjoying it at all, i was trying my best to prevent him from undressing me or entering his hands/ other organ under my pants. I went home with some bruises. I was terrified to my core that he would have ejaculated or produced any fluids on my clothes without my notice for not getting pregnant. Ever since that day, i keep sending drs online asking if this can make me pregnant, i feel cramps everyday, I'm too silent, bad eating habits, too afraid to even touch myself down there or look at the clothes/underwear i was wearing that day. Daily anxious and crying when recalling with great fear of letting my family or friends know. Please help me how to overcome that??
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I answered on your other post related to pregnancy fears that are unfounded. You can take that out of your worried well as that won't happen from what you describe. But that's terrible. If you have trauma like you have had, it's important to talk to someone. Are you in the states? I have found these services that are via your phone or computer like BetterHelp or TalkSpace and they have one for people under 18 that you can find on the BetterHelp website. It's not expensive. Our family insurance pays for TalkSpace. So, you can check that too. And you could talk for a month or two months and be done with a trained professional to help you work through the emotions. I think that would be great for you. Not all guys do things like that and your 'boyfriend' may have gotten a hormonal brain fog but that is no excuse. I hope you are doing okay. Hang in there and update me how you are doing, sweetie
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