How many people are affected by depression and anxiety?

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I did not realize how many people are affected by depression & anxiety.
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Nobody knows.  Not as many as what you read.  More than we'd like.
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The thing about depression is that there are different levels.  Someone can be mildly depressed and still fit the criteria and some can be severely depressed.  There is a wide range of how depression affects someone.  Someone can have the blues and feel depressed but it is temporary and situational.  Clinical depression is a much more pervasive problem into people's lives. There are statistics out there that would indicate it is pretty common and no one should ever feel alone if they are depressed.  They certainly are in the company of others who are too.  I wish the stigma that has surrounded mental health issues such as depression would be completely gone but still is not although it is better than past decades.  The important thing is to ask for help if you suspect you are depressed.  
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Im sure a lot of people have it more then we know. I know I deal with anxiety and depression and its really hard. Also different people are effected by it differently. just because i feel certain things doesnt mean someone else will have the exact same symptoms.
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iDK if there;s been any studies of people personally affected by depression. I do  know the NIMH states suicide is the 3rd leading cause of fatalities of people between the ages of 13 and 30.  I think that tells you its fairly common for young people to be suffering from depression.
Not necessarily.  This is an age with very few deaths compared to total deaths, so death itself is very uncommon in this age group comparatively speaking.  Adding to that the fact that depression isn't the only cause of suicide -- kind of hard to know since the person to talk to is dead -- it would be very hard to extrapolate from this one fact how common depression is.  But however common or uncommon it is and however uncertain the definition of it is, any depression is too much.  As a comparison, one of the groups with the highest suicide rates today are veterans, but this could include those with pain or injuries or anxiety or other things people choose not to live with -- again, depression is only one reason to commit suicide.  So the focus should be on how awful it is that anyone has it, and trying to find a way to cure it or prevent it.
By the way, the only reason I mentioned this at all is that "fun with statistics" is so prevalent in today's society.  Important to remember that statistics don't represent facts, they are one argument for a position.  They are very difficult to get right, and impossible for others to know if the study was done correctly or for a purpose and therefore skewed.  You can use statistics to prove almost anything if you want to.  Take auto accidents -- if you're in an accident and you have alcohol in your system, the anti-alcohol consumption movement has managed to pin blame on the alcohol.  But even if you're drunk to the gills, if someone runs a red light and smashes into your car, the alcohol had nothing to do with it.  But because it's in your system, it will be counted in the statistics on drunk driving.  Statistics are best when the organization posting them has no axe to grind or sponsor to please or money to make.  They are very useful when unbiased, but they can be confusing.  Peace.
Okay I learned my lesson I  certainly was educated by your reply.   I still think  way too many young people commit suicide and even one is too many imo.   Next time I'll be more careful what I write.
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There are many people not happy with their lives in todays society. Everywhere you look, a lot of crime, people with money problems. marriage problems, etc. No wonder so many folks are depressed. A lot of non-depressed people look at depressed folks as losers that can't handle things. But, as a depressed person, I know that you cannot turn depression on and off like a light switch. I hate the side effects of antidepressants meds, so, I suffer with it. How does one know if they have depression? With myself, No energy, no motivation, I don't do the things for fun that I used to do. I have become withdrawn from others.  I see the world as bleak and do not believe it will get better. I have to wear a happy face at my job, since I have to work for a living, and I have others depending on me to survive. I would love for a cure without meds. Maybe someday, I will get better I can only hope. I wouldn't wish depression on anyone. Some non-depressed people say just snap out of it, things are not that bad, but again, they do not understand what it is like to be in depression. That is my say.
Life has always been hard.  In fact, it's easier today than ever if you live in a modern society.  Some people romanticize the past but life has never been all that secure.  If in fact depression is much more prevalent today than it was when life was much shorter and much much harder, and there's no actual evidence I know of to suggest it is but if it is we really need to figure out why that is.  Is it some contaminant we've put in our environment?  Is it over-diagnosis by docs seeking money?  Is it something in how we look at life that differs from the past?  As for you, medication can help but it doesn't cure.  Therapy might cure the problem.  You can also try natural methods that have been around in one form or another for centuries -- medication is really the new kid on the block, other methods have been around a lot longer.  I assume they help some people or they would have disappeared.  So there are other things to try.  All the best.
I agree life is hard and I see it all around me more and more.  Life is easier in some ways than the older days and harder in others.  It's not as simple as it used to be in my opinion.  It's hard to make a decent wage these days when families used to be able to support themselves working blue collar jobs, college didn't cost 50 grand a year for those that went, etc.  

I understand the pressure you are under!  Keeping all the balls in the air with people depending on you can be suffocating at times.  I'd love to just be taken care of. lol  But life isn't that way for me.  I have people depending on ME to make it happen so I get up every day whether I'm tired or not and go out and do it.  You sound the same way. I'm sorry depression has seeped in.

So, things that help me are living as healthy a lifestyle as possible. Eating right makes my body feel better.  Trying to get to bed and get proper sleep can make life much better. And when you are managing family, work and a home, it's harder to rest. Exercise naturally lifts my mood.  Building into my week some "me" time.  Just to recharge my batteries.  I watch a tv show and this weekend, I took a half hour nap!  Wow! LOL  Letting go of perfection was a big one for me too.  I wanted my kids lives to be spectacular.  Well, I fall short of providing that all the time.  The house isn't always clean, we are not always doing wonderfully educational things that impress other parents with my genius parenting, and sometimes I get upset and the kids and husband see it. And about that . . . do you have a partner to lean on and talk to?  It's a mixed bag of putting a happy face on. You need to be able to express yourself while at the same time living positively and not giving into the negativity.

Depression is a tricky thing.  Many people do feel so much better when they take medication. And there is no shame in doing so.  But that is your choice as long as you are managing adequately.  But you have to be the judge of that.  At some point, talking to a professional at the very least to get out how you are feeling may be just what you need.  (as in counseling) and you may find that medication becomes an option you do consider.  My suggestion is to keep an open mind.  The point is to feel better, cope better and be better day to day.  That may take more than natural methods.  Or it may not. but keep working on it.  We're here to talk when you need someone!
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