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Hypothyroidism and Depression

Hi, I'm 19 years old and I have Hypothyroidism. I've been on Levothyroxine since December and my dosage is currently 125mg daily.

QUESTIONS: What tests can I request my family doctor to do on me? Could these lingering symptoms be caused by depression? By anemia? By vitamin deficiencies? By inadequate thyroid medication dosage?

-sleeping for 9-11 hours EVERY night and waking up feeling totally tired
-fatigue all day long with weird bursts of energy on random days
-brain fog
-increased appetite
-clenching teeth during the night (my jaw muscles are super big and tight)
-memory problems
-depression/no motivation
-fertility/reproductive problems (irregular periods, no ovulation)
-extreme digestion problems/IBS/constipation, diarrhea, stomach cramps, heartburn, getting tired after eating, etc.

-grandmother has hypothyroidism
-ovarian cysts
-ovarian cancer
-aunt has breast cancer

-Papilidema when I was 13 (swelling of the optic nerve due to allergic reaction to minocycline)
-Depression around the same time. My mother put me on anti-depressants for 2 years.
-Have always been fatigued and sleep for a long time even when exercising regularly
-Had "borderline" anemia when I was younger, but never diagnosed

-Waiting for bloodwork on my recent TSH since being on new medication for 6 weeks.
-Last I checked my TSH was 2.2 and my T3  and T4 were in normal ranges.
-Waiting on results of progesterone, and estrogen lab result
-Waiting for results on my thyroid ultrasound
-Haven't had my food sensitivity test yet but will soon
-Thyroid Peroxidase (TPO) aka antibodies test was negative for Hashimoto's (23 IU/mL)
-Cortisol levels were a little high, but nothing extreme (11.6 ug/dL)

My symptoms have definitely improved since I discovered this condition, but I am still having lingering symptoms that are troublesome and making me wonder if they're being caused by deficiency or something along those lines. As of right now, my most debilitating symptoms is my depression and fatigue problems. I just feel like there's so much to do and I'm so young.. I should have the energy to do everything!
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It could be anything you mentioned or just that your meds aren't quite where they need to be.  Time to go in for some thyroid hormone level tests and other things.
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I too have hypothyroidism. The answer to your question is yes in my experience. You should also get tested for iron level, vit D and vit B. I was very low in all of these areas and any one of these can affect your sx. It sounds like your on top of things which is great. Always have them test your TSH, T4 and T3 because things can change even on med. I have mine tested about every 4 months and I take Armour Thyroid as my med because it is the most natural and it was suggested because of my numbers.

Also, there is a Thyroid Disorder Forum on Medhelp that might help you.
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