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I don't know what is wrong with me

Help me please work out what is wrong with me.

Where to start with my mental state. Recently I have had trouble sleeping, the thought of sleep and the next day makes me feel physically sick, I just lay in my bed with the lights off for hours. when I do actual get to sleep I have really vivid dreams that wake me up or it feels like I close my eyes and my alarm goes off. I woke up at 2am the other morning and wanted o go for a walk, like a really long walk, I don't know where to but I wanted to walk somewhere.
I don't like my friends, I don't have a best friend, I hang out with a big group at school and they all have their best friend but I don't- I stand with them but I don't want o be there. I feel like I have no one to talk to, I get nervous talking to people, I get nervous around people full stop.
I get wrapped up in my imagination sometimes, like I daydream but if I get interrupted I freak out, I can't concentrate until I get back into my head and finish what I was thinking about. It sometimes messes with reality, like I know that my day dreams are my imagination but once I come back into the real world I kinda forget and think that something's have happened. I also sometimes blank out, I'll be sitting watching TV I'll get up for no reason and I kinda feel like I am floating but not actual moving and then when I come to ill be in a different room.
I haven't told anyone about how I feel, which isn't making it any better but I have tried to bring it up to my friends and they just told me I was being a drama queen. Maybe I am but right now it feeling like everyday is a struggle, like its a battle just to get through the day.

Please someone help me. I am desperate.

Thank you
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Hey ! I think you have some kind of sleep disorder....nothing else. you must consult any doctor as soon as possible. it will really help you. Don't hesitate to go to a doctor.... medicines will really help you a lot.
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Dear Confused,
I would suggest you try posting under the "Sleep Disorder" section.  It sounds exactly to me like you are not getting good, solid sleep, without a proper REM period, as well as not enjoying a real REST.  This is why you feel like your daydreams are taking over or why you wander off whilst watching TV...you are sort of half asleep!  This is not good for socializing, driving a car or riding on a bike, or doing homework, or much of anything.  You are in a constant tense/alert state merged with a sleep state.

I think those folks in the Sleep Disorder section can help you out, and you will need to ask a family physician for a referral to a sleep specialist group who can hopefully give you some treatments that will help you.  And don't be afraid to ask for a different kind of doc if the first one doesn't work out.  Each of us is different, and occasionally doctors will get stuck in a rut with their work.  You MUST see a doctor...and I always tell people if they don't have a regular family doc, to go to your county's Department of Social Services, and they have a Health Department, you can go as a walk-in to what is essentially a "free clinic," and usually be seen by a general doc that day, and they can give you a referral to a sleep specialist doc.

It could be they will give you some mild medications to help you sleep and stay asleep, and yet still get your REM sleep (some drugs will take away from REM and that's no good).  It sounds to me like you really need to get a good rest and relaxation period, and so by seeing a doctor NOW, school will be getting out soon, and by golly you can finally get you some decent sleep.

By the way, the urge to take a walk that time, that's your body telling you that exercise is very much needed for your type person, so you should indeed engage in a couple activities that will be enjoyable and yet wear you out... which also promotes deep sleep.  Hope this helps you out.
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