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I just don't know anymore...

I've been battling depression all my life, anxiety for the past 4 yrs and recently diagnosed with adult ADHD. I've been on Wellbutrin 300mg for a yr for the depression, Cymbalta 60mg for the last 7 months for the anxiety and Adderall 40mg for the ADHD  all have been increased doseages up to now. Do these 3 meds all work together? I feel irritable, moody, agitated easily, short fused, and very frustrarted. Are these the right meds to take together, are they maybe cancelling out one or another? By the time I'm due for my therapist apt either I've feeling okay or I just forget to tell her how it's really going. Anyone else take or have taken these 3 together?
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I was taking a benzodiazepine an SSRI and adderall and i noticed the SSRI changed my mood as well and made me on edge.  I am currently taking Valium for my anxiety and depression and adderall for my ADD.  Its been about 2 years now since i stopped taking lexapro and i have been much better since.  I would talk to your doctor about other forms of treatment and explain what your actual side effects are.
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I'm on Vyvance. I like it a lot better than Adderall.
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I would say stop taking the adderrall, I believe that’s where the agitation, among  other side effects one from. I took it for a loooong time and I’ve found my mood much better. I would lower my dosage or switch to a different medication. There are a lot of natural modalities you can do as well.
I do think we have to be careful telling anyone to stop their medication.  They should make that decision with their doctor. But I understand what you are saying.  So, you discontinued it yourself?  You are feeling much better?  Do you now take anything at all?  How are your symptoms overall?  
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