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I think I'm depressed/bipolar

I'm a thirteen year old girl and I've been having rough times with myself lately. There's been periods of time (2+ weeks) where I feel like I'm on top of the world, euphoric, more social than usual, super happy, I laugh at everything, I get hot-headed, get little sleep and wake up full of energy, etc, and I usually feel the need to talk forever. Then there's periods of time (2+ weeks) where I feel like ****, don't want to get up, I'm always tired, I don't wanna speak at all, I feel like a failure, have suicidal thoughs, cry for no reason, don't wanna do anything etc. This last two months have been a ******* mess and I stopped doing two of the things that I really liked doing, and it also feels like i don't have enthusiasm about anything anymore.
I feel like nobody cares about me.
I feel like the world would be ******* good without me.
I also realized not so long ago that I've been having suicidal thoughs since ten.
So many people say this is normal (puberty, teenage years, etc) but I'm pretty sure it's not.

Am I depressed? Do I have bipolar disorder? Or I'm just overreacting?
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Hello there! I am sorry u r having such hard times. It does suck that a young person deserves to be happy! A lot!
If u don't havr a parent or minister to help u I knoe in many city there R clinics where u can go talk directly to an actual person, of course not knowing where u live I can't say for sure. U can look online for teen council ing in your area. If u can share part of what u have written here with a parent, that would be best. Depression is serious well it can be. It's great u wrote here, write back if u find a counsellor .
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When you feel yourself in your down state, have you noticed anything that happened differently? Some people have what we call triggers, and you can be great then something happens to change your mood almost immediately. Once you notice something different that could possibly have an impact on your moods it will help you to work on these things and have control over it to start change.

You said you've recently stopped doing things you really enjoy, try getting back into those things. That will really help you to feel better in many ways.

If you need someone to talk too, message me. I will listen, and I will talk to you. Anytime! Reaching out can be the hardest thing, but you've done that. So just keep doing it (:
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Talking with your doctor is your best bet.  Tell them the truth and all of it and perhaps they can put you in contact with a mental health professional that can better diagnose any problems and help you address them.  I am so sorry you are going through this.  Being a teen is tough.  Having these issues is tougher.
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