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Is Risperdal Good for ADHD?

I looked up my symptoms online and found ADHD to be closely related to them. I also found ASD to be a good descriptor but my (2nd) doctor (psychologist) said I don't have ASD. I do, however, experience tics or stims -- i.e I sometimes clench my hand in weird gestures or visibly murmur to myself, I do this when I'm angry the most. Are these tics? Will they go away with risperdal?
Even though I found myself to be ADHD, most people with ADHD complain about not making to work on time. However, I made it to work on time for every single day, is this a strong indicator of not having ADHD?  
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Risperdal is such an interesting drug and being used for a wide range of things now.  It's an atypical anti psychotic originally used for schizophrenia.  It was a game changer for that disorder.    While risperdal is used off label for things like autism and a lot of people that have autism (anywhere on the spectrum) often have overlapping adhd as a secondary diagnosis, this doesn't mean that the syptoms of adhd will improve with risperdal.  Risperdal seems to help with aggressive behavior and behavior problems in general and likely communication.   with kids on the spectrum.  It seems to help with irritability and aggressiveness.  Because of this, some doctors may use it for adhd if that is how a person presents.  

Now with regards to tics.  My son has tics.  He has two types.  Simple vocal tics which are a hum or throat clearing sound.  Complex vocal tics are words and he's had those previously.  He also has motor tics.  His change in terms of how they present.  He has them more when nervous, anxious, excited or even bored as for a lot of kids with autism, adhd and sensory integration disorder (which is my son's diagnosis), do it to regulate and to stay engaged.  Do you notice any pattern to it?  When my son's anxiety comes down, it's better.  When he has a hand fidget, it's better.  We know this because we began paying attention to its pattern.  

And to answer your last question, risperdal is used by doctors to treat tics and tourettes syndrome.  I would talk to your doctor about this to get input.  because remember, that all drugs also have side effects.  For some, you might even see an increase in tics.  

All of these types of medications can be fantastic but also need to be used with caution in a trial and error fashion to find the best match for you.  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3036957/  Personally, I would much rather try a drug for tics like risperdal than the older meds like haldol!  But work with your doctor!
Will your son's tics every stop?
I think my condition is chronic.
I do have some other symptoms like internal restlessness or restless legs.
I also have to mention that I am getting treated for depression,
because of that I'm not so sure if it's adhd or not.
My son's tics change over time.  They used to be worse.  Yes.  They are signficantly better.  AT home, they aren't frequent or I no longer notice them.  But they do still happen when he is nervous. He consciously has tried to make them less noticeable.  If you place a hand fidget in your hand, does it help with your tics?  
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My own advice is, you have a psychologist, who doesn't believe you have what you Googled.  Try working with the psychologist and see if it works.  ADHD is very hard to diagnose, and is considered by many to be way overdiagnosed.  But you are seeing a professional who has training in this that we don't and that professional apparently says you don't fit the criteria, so investigate with the psychologist what it is he or she thinks you do have.  If you don't like this approach after you give it some time, you can try a different approach, perhaps a psychiatrist.  But don't try to prescribe your own drugs -- this is what TV ads try to get us to do and it's quite dangerous.  Let a professional do the diagnosis and the prescribing, at least at first, and then you can research what they suggest and see if it seems to fit.  Best of luck.
I do have a psychiatrist. I'm taking risperdale which is doing a good job at handling all the depression, reducing tics, and making me more focused. I don't know exactly if the inattention is from the adhd or depression.
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How are you prollyadhd?  Things going any better?  Just checking in on you!
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