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I've cut to the vein, is infection a bigger worry now?

I stayed up too late, thought too much and here we are. I've cut the vein on my wrist for the first time, I only nicked it so while it was obvious it was the vein it didn't take too long to clot so all is fine in that way I'm not in immediate danger.

I was just wondering how to look after it, like I'm more aware of infection now since I don't want the infection get anywhere near my vein/bloodstream but I've got no experience whatsoever when it comes to veins so I don't even know if that's a concern or not. I've decided to put a band-aid on it because if I don't they get infected like 40-50% of the time which I get an infection isn't ideal in any case but if you've cut to the vein is there any increased risks when it comes to healing and extra precautions you should take or is it just fine to treat it as any other cut I'd get?

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Ohmygosh, I also just realized I might be seeing my sister tomorrow and she's super judgy and doesn't really have a filter and this was really the worst time to have a super obvious fresh cut (or obvious band-aid) on my wrist hngggg.
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You could wrap it in an Ace bandage and say you hurt your wrist, sprained your wrist, or have carpal tunnel syndrome. Or get one of those Ace bandage gloves that are for hurt wrists.
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Wait, are you saying you tried to commit suicide and then thought better of it?  That's a much bigger deal than worrying about a deep cut.  As this is a depression forum and not a forum about how to treat cuts, I'm assuming you suffer from depression or something like that, so if you did in fact try to commit suicide you need help now.  Now, we here have no idea if you actually cut into the vein on your wrist or just cut your wrist.  It takes a bit of doing to cut that deeply and the bleeding if you do cut a vein is significant, obviously.  It would require, for maximum safety, for you to go the ER or an urgent care center to get it properly cared for.  If you really didn't cut that deeply and it stopped bleeding as quickly as you say, you might think you cut into the vein but maybe didn't really go that far.  Any cut can be treated with some form of antibiotic cream.  Most of them don't need medication, even natural antibiotics will do, but when you were young and you had a cut, I'm guessing your Mom put something on it to prevent infection and then put the bandaid on.  Deeper cuts need better wrapping than that, you need to cut medical gauze and use medical tape to secure it, as a true cut that deep would be too large and bleed too much for a Bandaid to absorb.  That's why I'm wondering if you really did cut that deeply.  No way for me to know.  An Ace bandage doesn't seal as well as what is usually used for cuts, that is used more for pressure on injured body parts.  Bandages breath so oxygen can get in and kill off  germs.  At any rate, it's impossible to tell from your post what you really did and how bad it is, but if you did this on purpose someone seeing it is the least of your worries.
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It was only deep in one small spot and it only went deep enough just to nick the vein so it wasn't a major and I had no intentions of doing anything drastic, it was more just a mix of a bad night and curiosity. Thank you for the help, I ended up just using  a band-aid overnight and then letting it breathe during the day and it's scabbed over and no sign of infection so I should be in the clear now. It was on the wrist I usually cut on and I have a place where the vein is on top on my tendon so it's pushed out a bit which made it much easier to get and was also why I didn't go any deeper, the last thing I want to do is get my tendon c;
Even so, again, someone seeing this is the least of your worries.  I hope you see a therapist soon.  Peace.
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