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Mood swings and long term illness

I am a university student in my second year, and since September I have been ill with an undiagnosed illness which causes me to be seriously ill (vomiting, diarrhoea etc) for up to a week approximately every few weeks, but there is no pattern. My health is never quite right in between these episodes: I have lost 20% of my body weight alone. I have had many tests looking, mainly looking at crohn's disease possibilities, but so far there are frustratingly no results.
This has had significant effects upon my life, both my university and social life. My illness was too much for my boyfriend of 1.5 years to cope with so we split two months ago, and I have missed out on alot of my university social life, often having to stay in while friends go out.
Within the past month I have started experiencing major mood swings. I can be happy one moment, severely depressed another or sometimes angry, for no reason. I am worried this makes me difficult to be around, so often shut myself away as a result. Is this a result of my unknown illness and it's symptoms? Or the events of the past months getting to me? I try to stay positive but it can all get to me in my depressed moods. Is there also anyway I can hope to tackle this, as diagnosis and treatment seem still very far off.
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Hello I live in Dorset, and see you live in Falmouth, which I have visited in the past.

I have a granddaughter of 21 and feel that you could be like a granddaughter to me too.  Oh bless you for having to go through so much.  I am so sorry your boyfriend could not cope with your problems.  That must be very hard for you.  

Two of my grandchildren were tested for coelic disease as their grandfather and father both have it.  Luckily they were negative, but my grandson who is 23 does have tummy problems.  

It is no wonder you are feeling depressed with all that going on.  Often depression does accompany some illnesses.  I mean you are trying to deal with so much.  Physical illness can really run you down and affect your mental health.  It is difficult to stay positive, I know.  

One symptom of depression is shutting ourselves away and not wanting to be with other people.  And yes it can sometimes make us angry, and other times tearful.  Also depression has many physical symptoms too.  I have had depression for 30 years and have been tested for all sorts, but they always come back negative.  I accept they are due to my mental health, but it does not make them any less real.  

Have you talked to your doctor about your mood swings?  Have you support from friends and family as that helps a great deal.  I do hope the doctors have a diagnosis for you soon.

Take care
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Thank you for your kind words and advice. I am hoping to talk to my doctor about my mood swings at my next appointment in a weeks time. It has taken me a while to admit it may be something I need help with, as well as my mystery illness. Mental health issues as well as being physically ill seems alot to handle, especially for people around me who already have to cope with me (particularly my house mates!).
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