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Need help regarding mood swings and PMDD issues

Become more emotionally senstive, crying , irritating, anger issure. 3 week prior to my periods every month then symptoms improved after 2 3 days of start of cycle.  I dont want birth control pill or serotonin treatment. First i want to improve my condition by vitamin suppliments. Once a docter suggest me vitamin b6 tablet B Long, which worked a little while. I want to try that and vitamin d and calcium suppliment but doesnt know about correct dosage and how to take that I.e. correct time to take suppliment. please help.
I have already tried evening primrose oil capsule. It doesnt help. Also want to know is there any other treatment of PMDD
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Something that might work doesn't involve taking anything.  Sometimes heavy exercise takes care of this.  Any exercise will help, so if you're a sedentary person, that's a good place to start.  Not sure what the calcium will do for you.  Keep in mind that if you do take Vitamin D, you will automatically absorb calcium better.  The dose would depend on your age and how much sun you get.  If you get a lot of sun, you don't technically need any, but if you don't, recommendations vary from 400 to 1000IU.  Some take more, but too much isn't a great idea.  Again, be careful about taking too much calcium if you're also taking D, as again it will make it much better absorbed, and that can be to the detriment of other electrolytes you might benefit more from, such as magnesium and potassium.  If you only took one capsule of evening primrose oil it might not have enough, but it may be it's just not the thing for you.  I also don't know if you take multivitamins or how you eat, but don't overdo B6 as taking too much can cause nerve problems.  The correct time to take Vitamin D is with a meal that includes fat, as it's a fat soluble nutrient.  Calcium is best absorbed if taken with a meal, but make sure it's a form that is well absorbed, such as citrate.  Avoid carbonates.  B6 doesn't matter all that much as it's water soluble.  But again, take care you don't take too much, which sometimes happens when you take several supplements that might have it in them.  There are also herbs that might help, but as with evening primrose oil, they take experimentation and sometimes combining them into a formula.  Planetary Formulas has several hormone balancing formulas, but there are many out there.  Other herbs that are used are black cohosh and soy isoflavones if estrogen is the problem and vitex if progesterone is the problem.  Some find success with wild yam creams, which were the first synthetic women's hormone treatment.  I don't know why you'd consider an antidepressant for a hormonal problem.  They are not easy to take or stop taking and treat mental illness, not hormonal imbalances.  Might make you feel better but won't directly attack the problem.  Meditation and other lifestyle changes can also help, as can, and I don't know your cultural or marital status, regular sexual activity.    
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Another possibility I forgot are red clover sprouts, again estrogenic.  Most women seem to need progesterone, though, which is why balancing formulas might be better.  Consulting a professional who practices natural medicine might help with this if you aren't that well versed in it.  
Your suggestions may be helpful in general.  To be on the safe side one should check with their doctor to be certain your recommendations are safe.  For example  black cohesh and soy isoflavones could be harmful for a woman with a history of breast and/or pelvic cancers.  Or for that matter a man  who was in the past diagnosed with breast cancer  Be safe.
Very true.  One has to do homework, and I usually add and I thought I had that if you don't know how to use natural medicine it's like any other form of medicine and a professional should be consulted first.  A doctor, however, is not the person to consult if you're considering natural medicine as they do not study it in school but are taught it is all bogus and are quite hostile to it.  Some learn more about it after getting their license to practice, but most retain their biases and ignorance and don't realize medicine has been around for as long as we have and the medication and surgery system we have now is the new kid on the block.  It's frustrating docs don't have to learn all forms of medicine so they have a bigger toolkit, but it is true.  If one can find a practitioner of integrated medicine who does practice any form that works, they will be able to advise.  As the poster didn't mention the kinds of issues that would involve hormonal red lights, I didn't think of it, and I'm glad you did.  
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