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Need some advice

I have been having issues with my mood for over a year now.  I have felt very down and depressed.  I put it off for a long time and just recently have decided its time to do something about it.

It was about 10 weeks ago that I had an episode of extreme depression where I felt hopeless and lost.  I saw a community mental health professional to seek advice.  She told me that I was having a bit of depression and that I needed to work on sleeping more and eating better.  I took her advice and started to do so, sleeping more, and eating healthier.

I gave it about 6 weeks to kick in and have had no success, in fact my mood is worse with ongoing symptoms.  I saw my PCP about 4 weeks ago to seek some more advice and support.  
The symptoms at this point in time were as follows:
-down feeling that I couldnt shake
-sleeping excessively (Sleeping whenever I could)
-sexual desire decreased
-feeling helpless and lost

He suggested that I take welbutrin 150mg ER tablets.  I took them diligently for about 4 weeks and then developed some more symptoms:
-sleeping for 4 hours then couldnt sleep any more
-no appetite
-feeling completely lost
-spacey feeling
-feeling like i needed to have my guard up (paranoia i guess)
-having difficulty communicating
-no desire to do anything, work, fun, etc...

My doctor took me off this medicine saying that I was most likely experiencing mania.  He put me on Citalopram 10mg once daily.  I have yet to take the first one...

I have become really bothered by my issues and mood and was looking for some advice on what I should do, or what suggestions i can give my doctor.  It has been affecting my performance at work significantly and I am afraid that it will cost me my job.  I used to be the guy that could get anything done, and now I cant even get the daily tasks done.

I am lost for what to do or say, my fiancee is extremely worried and doesnt know what to do to help.  

Thank you in advance for your input

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I did have CBT when I was around 12yo due to acting out and other mood issues, worked through it and came out of it a better person from what I can remember.

Some personal history.  Significant medical events before the onset would be about 6 months before the onset I developed severe debilitating back pain.  

Other medical history:

Lyme Disease
Nut Allergy
Chest Pain/Discomfort for most of my life

Other than these I have been a pretty healthy individual.  My mother is on Effexor 150mg per day for depression as well, I do not know if that is relevant...

I hope this helps...

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Hi Joe,
Welcome to the forum.

Tell us your story. What happened before the onset of your issues
(over 1 yr ago)? Have you had any therapy like CBT?
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