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New to Depression (recently diagnosed). Mental and Physical Warfare!

Just got diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder, I've had anxiety so bad my whole life makes me wonder if that just masked my depression until lately? On top of panic attacks, I suffer from lots of different things...I feel tired and out of it most of the day, I have either no appetite or extreme hunger. I have no interest in things I used to like doing. Its very difficult for me to feel happy about anything. I get aches and pains in random areas of my body daily. I feel like its a chore just to drag myself out of bed or off the couch to do anything at all. Just for background...I'm pretty healthy, not over weight at all, had blood tests and ekgs and all that done all is good. Only thing is that when I get an attack my bp gets really high, but my normal resting bp is on average 117/75 to 125/83. my resting heart rate is on average around 57-65 bpm. Why do I feel so bad mentally and physically if I am as healthy as I am?
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That's what depression is -- it's an illness and it feels bad.  Anxiety along with it exaggerates minor pains because we focus on it more.  Were you recommended to a good psychologist to see if you can fix this way of thinking?
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