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New to depression :)

Hey i am 21 year old male, i had been sick for a while i can't explain what i had exactly but in short cause of this sickness it took me almost a year to get cured so during this year i wasn't myself i wasn't able to study, workout, nor work basically can't do anything all time dizzy and unconscious and short of breath  so now i am cured i guess but i still have some side effects... Apparently i have depression  now, i know that depression is not state of being unhappy like i can't just decide to be happy and get rid of it xD so how does people usually get rid of it other than meds or psychiatrist cause i believe i can work on it myself i just need a guide on where to start.
Also i have stress is it related to depression? Like something i just get stressed and black-out i hurt myself unconsciously, sometimes i scratch my arm or my legs or hit my head on the wall, with my fist idk i just hurt myself unconsciously and i feel like i need to feel pain to wake myself up from this, and it doesn't have to be something frustrating   literally anything can get me stressed sometimes i am able to control my breathing before i lose my consciousness sometimes not but it just gets triggerd by any simple thing such as for example if i tried to study, i get a headache and i need to rest to cool my head down otherwise if i tried to force it i will get mad and lose consciousness... I know how illogical it sound but yeah im trying to fight it and study so i hope anyone can help and set me on track :)
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Hey, I'm sure sorry you are going through this. I'm glad the illness is over but sorry you are kind of in this 'stuck' place. Depression can be insidious and really wreck our life as can anxiety. Take a deep breath and let's think about how to get better. First, don't be afraid of therapy. It really is helpful because if you do CBT or cognitive behavior therapy, they will help with your thinking. to kind of get it in a more positive place and look for patterns that are holding you back in your thought process. And DBT is a form of CBT that is all about coping. Mindfullness, physical strategies like a ice cold drink or cold water on your face, breathing, etc. that all help. So, don't discount that and it is not for people that are week or so bad off.  Anyone can benefit. https://www.healthline.com/health/cognitive-behavioral-therapy#What-is-cognitive-behavioral-therapy?  and https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/treatments/22838-dialectical-behavior-therapy-dbt  Even if you don't see a therapist for it, there is TONS online that explains the concepts and you may find something that helps. There are also online therapists like Better Help and Talk Space that do a nice job of telehealth therapy. You don't have to start medication unless it doesn't start to get better or it gets worse.

So that is one suggestion. Other things. What about behavioral activation? I like this as it basically means start forcing yourself to do the things you need to do and want to do. Just power through and by doing that, you begin to 'feel' more normal and it goes back to normal. Make a list of things you have always liked. Your core values too. And start doing things surrounding those. It kind of pushes you back to your self that you long to be again.

Do you know what the amygdala is? This is part of our brain. It's responsible for fight, fright or freeze. in the old days, it would save you from wolves. ha. But now, it just starts a physical response to a perceived danger. The problem is, once the amygdala gets over reactive, it will trigger the response over things that do not warrant it. Fire alarm just when something is hot. You can look up hijacked amygdala to read about it. I like this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l6rrcqoKniQ  It talks about how to calm it.

Try to eat well, get rest and EXERCISE. Are you able to go do 'some things' that you want to?
Why am i receiving an error when i submit my comment
I wrote a very long response but i have no idea why i am unable to submit it, it doesn't contain anything inappropriate or offensive or idk i read it again i can't find anything wrong
Hey again, thank you so much for your kind words and i really appreciate that you took your time to read and write for me

And you are correct it did actually wreck my life i stopped going to gym i quit my job ( it was part time anw) and i am unable to study so this pause in my life on the most productive times is what caused this depression .

Anw i don't think it's serious and i don't think it would get worse because i got cured from my sickness which was causing the depression so that's why i think i could just get rid of the depression myself, i am not afraid of therapy  but i don't want to pay for it knowing that therapist closeby are very bad

I did lookup everything you said and i checked CBT and DBT and i will definitely check the links you sent, i took notes and saved them

and about the forcing myself part i am actually trying like yesterday i went for a hike on the mountains but today i am like an old man short of breath i feel very weak and exhausted, i did try to study a little but i had a headache and feverish head but yeah i forced myself a little.

"It kind of pushes you back to your self that you long to be again. "
I have this exact thought in my head but i am unable to put them to words but yeah i do actually sometimes just think... I really miss myself this person is not me i am stronger than this, funny i used to think i'd never have any mental issues i can always control my feelings and thoughts xD yeah i definitely failed miserably.
It's really satisfying to let out and to talk to someone who's actually understanding me more than i do. I can't thank you enough for that

Omg i just read about amygdala and it makes soooo much sense to my case and just knowing what is happening in my brain and causing all this to happen makes me feel better that i acknowledge what's wrong and i know where to focus my thinking on fixing this.
I've been reading for like an hour all about it and i really feel tearful for how thankful i am for you! This is what i really needed to know that no one else told me about.
I am speechless right now i really wish you all the best and i hope you get everything you want in life <3 you have no idea how much you made me feel better and the weight you lifted
I’m happy to hear that specialmom was able to put your mind at rest a little bit… she made some really valid points and I’m glad you’ve done some research.  I hope you’ll continue.  

That said, I wanted to let you know that you comments might not have posted if they were too long.  Each response only accepts 10,000 characters, so if you wrote a “very long” response, that could have been why you got an error message.

Good luck.
Thank you barb, no i don't think it was that long although i did remove emoji it worked
It was the emoji .  When you use one it does that as you found out.
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