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Please read.

Hi I'm sorry if this is about drawn out but I am struggling  really badly with my health.  I will bulletin my symptoms to make it eaiser all of these are not all at the same time but I suffer with it all badly.

•. Tiredness. (So tired I have missed work resulting in losing jobs, and can't wake up to alarms)
• bad forgetfulness. (Ie I forgot my friends name took be 20 mins to remember it )
• very painful knee joints.  
• ache.  
• I have polo cystic overies, hair growth on my face. To the point I have to shave it everyday
• I'm reckless with money and bad at remembering to pay bills   (I'm in a right mess)
• abscesses.  More down below   Very painful and regular
• suicidal.

Over the last few days I've seen a doctor about swollen glads in my groin and a very sore and itchy genitals.  Last night I suffered with really bad uncontrollable shaking. I wasn't cold or hot.  

I need help I never know what to say to a doctor and I clam up when there and forget it all. I'm desperate now I feel like I am falling apart or going crazy.
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You should write down daily your symptoms and write down what you just told us then show it to him or her.  Keeping a daily log means you do not have to remember everything and it will assist the dr greatly.
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I agree with Bubulous, writing down your symptoms is a good idea, and takes stress off you in having to remember everything. In fact that's what I did a couple of months ago when I kept forgetting symptoms to mention to the doctor, and after writing down my symptoms (and also patterns/other important details about them that I had noticed) and reading them to my doctor (if you don't want to read them, maybe you could just give him/her the paper and then discuss it after she's read it), a few important points came up and now I've been given a diagnosis and am working towards getting better :) Hope you find the help you need!
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