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Prednisone increases depression

If someone can tell me how to shake this off would muchly be appreciated. My left lung is dying. My right breast has two lumps. I got needy parents who treats me like a slave. When I drag myself to do their bidding? I’m family. When I’m getting scanned because dr feared cancer? My mom is shopping for her beloved son. When I’m barfing blood clots my so called father is getting ready to partyyy! When he drinks til he ends up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning? Then he thinks it’s my duty to go take 4 bus’s to see him. My moms excuse is I was a horrible person in the past life thars why god is making me suffer. Helping me she says we can’t afford. She’s now in Asia with her family. Still complains like she’s suffering but she’s eating out and getting beauty treatment while I’m here cleaning up after everyone while barfing out blood. All of my organs are falling a part from stress…  I think prednisone increases rage. These days I never hated them as much as I do now. I’m not hoping for hugs and kisses for I know it doesn’t help. Seeing a therapist won’t do squat… my question is how do I calm all this down? Because I’m near Suecidal
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Diagnoses during steroid exposure include psychosis, mania, and clinical depression. Severe psychosis was uncommon (1.3%) at prednisone doses below 40 mg/day, but increased to 18.4% at prednisone doses above 80 mg/day, strongly supporting that its symptoms Depends on the diet.
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I found that to be the same findings too. But Canadian drs will disagree to the core they praise it like it’s a gift from god. But I feel like I’m dying on it
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Gosh, this sounds so terribly hard. I'm sorry!  Can you live on your own? It would be better than this. I'd consider it. You aren't getting any support or care. And suicide is not the answer! There is always a way to work it out. Could you live elsewhere? First answer that and then we'll go from there
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@specialmom , I can’t afford it! The ministry can give a new apartment to drug addicts. But to someone with dying organs? They can’t afford it. Like how my mom can’t afford  this “ vacation”. But she is still there while I’m barfing up blood… can’t go to the washroom … sick sick.  This house is not a house it’s jail. I need to go somewhere I can be taken care of not here. This is too much…
Affordability right now is death it feels like. Talking isn’t going to help. These ppl will never change.
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